1971-72 Rollover team name for goalscorers
Date Comp Match Commentator BBC1 Timeslot
31.07.71 WtC Halifax 2-1 Man Utd Barry Davies 10.15pm, 60m  
WtC Colchester 1-0 Luton Alan WeeksRT  
07.08.71 WtC West Brom 4-4 Colchester Barry Davies 6.20pm, 60m 1
14.08.71 Div1 Arsenal 3-0 Chelsea Barry Davies 10.10pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 3-1 N Forest Alan Weeks  
21.08.71 Div2 Birmingham 3-2 Carlisle Barry Davies 10.05pm, 60m  
Div2 Burnley 2-1 Luton Alan Weeks  
28.08.71 Div1 Man City 4-0 Tottenham Barry Davies 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Derby 2-2 Southampton Alan Weeks  
04.09.71 Div1 Tottenham 2-0 Liverpool Alan Weeks 10.20pm, 60m  
Div2 Swindon 0-0 QPR Barry DaviesRT  
11.09.71 Div1 C Palace 1-3 Man Utd Alan Weeks 10.15pm, 60m  
Div3 A Villa 2-0 Brighton Barry Davies  
18.09.71 Div1 Everton 2-1 Arsenal Barry DaviesRT 10.20pm, 60m  
Div1 Leicester 0-1 Sheff Utd Alan Weeks  
25.09.71 Div1 Liverpool 2-2 Man Utd David Coleman 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 West Ham 2-1 Stoke City Barry Davies  
02.10.71 Div1 Man Utd 2-0 Sheff Utd David Coleman 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Southampton 0-1 Arsenal Barry DaviesRT  
09.10.71 Div1 Derby 2-2 Tottenham Barry Davies 10.25pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 0-0 Chelsea John Motson  
16.10.71 Div1 Leeds 3-0 Man City David Coleman 10.20pm, 60m  
Div2 Millwall 3-1 Bristol City Barry DaviesRT  
23.10.71 Div1 Derby 2-1 Arsenal Barry Davies 10.20pm, 60m  
Div2 Blackpool 1-1 QPR John Motson  
30.10.71 Div1 Man Utd 0-1 Leeds David Coleman 10.20pm, 60m  
Div1 Wolves 1-1 Coventry Barry DaviesRT  
06.11.71 Div2 Hull City 1-2 Norwich Barry Davies 10.20pm, 60m  
Div1 West Ham 1-2 Sheff Utd David Coleman  
13.11.71 Div1 Man Utd 3-1 Tottenham John Motson 10.35pm, 60m  
Div3 A Villa 1-0 Notts Co Barry Davies  
20.11.71 Div1 Wolves 5-1 Arsenal Barry Davies 10.05pm, 120m  
Div1 West Ham 0-2 Man City David Coleman  
27.11.71 Div1 Southampton 2-5 Man Utd Barry Davies 10.05pm, 60m  
Div2 Burnley 1-2 Swindon John Motson  
04.12.71 Div1 Derby 3-1 Man City John Motson 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 C Palace 5-1 Sheff Utd Barry Davies  
11.12.71 Div1 Southampton 3-3 West Ham Barry Davies 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 Chelsea 0-0 Leeds John Motson  
18.12.71 Div1 Arsenal 2-0 West Brom John Motson 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 Liverpool 0-0 Tottenham Barry Davies  
25.12.71   No games      
01.01.72 Div2 QPR 3-1 Burnley Barry Davies 10.05pm, 60m  
Div1 Arsenal 1-1 Everton John Motson  
08.01.72 Div1 Tottenham 1-1 Man City David ColemanRT 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 Stoke City 0-0 Arsenal Barry DaviesRT  
15.01.72 Fac3 Swindon 0-2 Arsenal David Coleman 10.00pm, 60m  
Fac3 Wolves 1-1 Leicester Barry Davies  
Fac3 Blackpool 0-1 Chelsea John Motson  
22.01.72 Div2 Sheff Wed 1-1 Millwall John Motson 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 Wolves 0-0 Liverpool Barry Davies  
29.01.72 Div1 Tottenham 1-0 Leeds Barry Davies 10.00pm, 60m  
Div1 West Brom 2-1 Man Utd John Motson  
05.02.72 Fac3r Hereford 2-1 Newcastle John Motson 10.00pm, 65m 2
Fac4 Liverpool 0-0 Leeds Davies/RoblingRT
Fac4 Preston 0-2 Man Utd Davies/RoblingRT
12.02.72 Div3 A Villa 2-1 Bournemouth Barry Davies 10.05pm, 60m  
Div1 Sheff Utd 3-3 Man City John Motson  
19.02.72 Div1 Leeds 5-1 Man Utd Barry Davies 10.10pm, 60m  
Div1 Coventry 0-0 Wolves John Motson  
26.02.72 Fac5 L Orient 3-2 Chelsea Barry Davies 10.10pm, 60m  
Fac5 Cardiff 0-2 Leeds David Coleman  
Fac5 Man Utd 0-0 Middlesbro John Motson  
04.03.72 Div1 Leeds 7-0 Southampton Barry Davies 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Tottenham 2-0 Man Utd John Motson  
11.03.72 Div2 Norwich 1-1 Sunderland John Motson 10.15pm, 60m  
Div1 Newcastle 2-0 Arsenal Barry Davies  
18.03.72 Fac6 Leeds 2-1 Tottenham David Coleman 10.05pm, 60m  
Fac6 Man Utd 1-1 Stoke City Barry Davies  
25.03.72 Div3 Brighton 2-1 A Villa Barry Davies 11.10pm, 50m  
Div1 Newcastle 0-0 Man City John Motson  
01.04.72 Div1 Derby 2-0 Leeds David Coleman 10.05pm, 90m 3
Div2 Fulham 1-0 Millwall Barry DaviesRT
08.04.72 Div1 Man City 3-1 West Ham Barry Davies 10.20pm, 75m 4
Div1 Arsenal 2-1 Wolves John Motson
15.04.72 Facsf Birmingham 0-3 Leeds David Coleman 10.10pm, 60m  
22.04.72 Div1 Man City 2-0 Derby Barry Davies 10.30pm, 60m  
Div2 Birmingham 1-1 Middlesbro John Motson  
29.04.72 EurCh England 1-3 W Germany David Coleman LIVE 7.30pm 5
06.05.72 FacF Arsenal 0-1 Leeds David Coleman 10.30pm, 60m  
13.05.72 EurCh W Germany 0-0 England David Coleman 10.45pm, 90m 6
20.05.72 Int Wales 0-3 England Barry Davies 10.00pm, 75m  
Int Scotland 2-0 N Ireland John Motson  
27.05.72 Int Scotland 0-1 England Barry Davies 10.25pm, 90m  
Int Wales 0-0 N Ireland John Motson  
RT. Commentator deduced from Radio Times listing (barring last minute changes of plan)
1. Colchester won 4-3 on penalties
2. Barry Davies and Idwal Robling listed in Radio Times along with Motson, no location hints
3. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Boxing: Ali v Foster
4. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Grand National highlights
5. International Match of the Day - Live
6. Part of "Match of the Day Special" with Rugby League