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Update Jan 9, 2012

I am proud to say that Infected Tramway has gone Gold! Kinda, I don't actually ship game disks, but the map is live and available for all for the small fee of free! You can read more about the map by clicking the following link. Do not forget to download and rate it if you have a gamebanana account.

This means I have one project done and I can concentrate more on my L4D2 campaign and my TF2 payload map. Do not get me wrong, I have still some plans for infected tramway. I want to add dificulty levels, but I ran into a problem, so for now it is only normal. If anyone knows how to do difficulty levels, then please tell me how. If noones knows, I'll just have to decompile Mako Reactor to see how he (Or is it they?) did the difficulty levels.

I just went back to uni today, so my time is going to become very squeezed for the next few months as time goes on, until may when the semester is over. Then on June I am going to Disneyland (Or is it Disneyworld? It is the one in Florida) so that is 1 vacation week when I go for summer. Wow, look at me making plans for summer already. Time is crazy! Which remembers me to Pink Floyd's Time which says "Noone told you when to run, you miss the starting gun." and speaking of Pink Floyd, I am going to see Roger Waters at Mexico City on April 29! Which is going to be bloody awesome given he is going to play The Wall! Now, if only David Glimour would be there too.

But going back to the map matters, I plan to have my L4D2 campaign on Beta by may, hopefully. This means a working VKP with custom pictures and names already. This means the maps should be fully playable from start to finish, with finales and panic events working as I intended. This version will be for friends and the lovely people at l4dmapper mailing list only. After that is done I will dedicate to add detail and to polish the map and then it will be released on I hope it goes well.

The plans for my payload map are going to be similar. I already tested with a server and reaction was good. I already started adding mroe detail anda location, along with lighting the place up. I hit some blocks in terms of aesthetics as to how stuff should be to fit with the game's look, but I just have to look it up and then continue. You'd be surprised at how much you miss from the maps. Just little details like how are the roofs sets, or doorways, even textures. Things you pass of as normal and unsignificant, these stuff is made to look normal and unsignificant, it is truly amazing the work at Valve does. People like David Sawyer, who speaking of, contacted me to test the Portal 2 map workshop beta. 

This is only the workshop, and not the intended in game map editor. This means that I have been working on a forgotten proyect for portal 2! It is a coop map and I am in the works of just finalizing the lighting and looks. Then I will test with friends and finally release it exclusively on the workshop for a week. Then it will be TWP like my other portal maps. I am still waiting for the beta as well, Valve time. Not much I can do there. So, the Portal 2 map is going to be my next map to be fully released.

Wow, this became longer than expected.