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Update April 9, 2012

Hello, just a quick update.

I have actualized the maps page with the 3 new portal maps. They were just highlighted in the community roundup at thinking with portals, so definetly check them out.

Also, I have decided to finish the tf2 payload map for the tf2maps contest. I think it is in beta version, and I still have a bunch of stuff to add and fix, but hopefully and can get it done before the deadline in April 30. I really hope it can live up to tf2´s standard. I don´t have much expirience with tf2 mapping. The dimensions, looks, and layout play differently than CSS or Portal or L4D2, so its interesting. But I love tf2 and I do want that mappers´ medal in game, so I am going in!

I also updated surf facility. Added music and nerfed the ending a bit. The plaguefest community seems to like it, so that is good. I hope I can get to do some more updates to it later on, but I am a bit overwhelemed with mapping projects, so I cannot promise anything.