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A Dam Mission

The dam can't hold the pressure... neither can you!


    A Dam Mission is a 5 map campaign for Left 4 Dead 2. Coming this summer, is a project that was started on fall 2011, and then it was on hold until late spring 2012 as I was helping Valve test the Perpetual Testing Initiative DLC for Portal 2. Some of the features are:
  • 5 long detailed maps
  • A story driven campaign
  • Voice acting by Edwin Millheim
  • A mix of scripted and random events
  • A mix of challenge and fun
  • Action Packed
  • Mixed Finale event
  • Guns, loads of guns at your disposal!
  • Surprises! 

    After military picks you up in the helicopter at the end of The Parish, they have an assignment for you. There is a dam which contains a big ammount of water, which covers a town where the initial infection first spread out. The plan is to overheat some pipes that run along the dam. The fighter jets can use the heat to lock their missles, blowing up the dam in just the right way, to flood the town below. Hopefully, destroying what is believed to be the main source of infection.

  1. Activate power to the dam
    • This should allow you to open and close doors easier. Along with providing better visibility as most of the dam's facility is located underground.
  2. Gain access to the armory
    • The helicopter does not count with high powered guns. There are several armories inside the facility, which should make navigating through the dam much easier and quicker
  3. Overheat the pipes at the dam
    • The heat signature can be used to lock the missiles at the dam, providing a clear shot through the rocky mountains in the area
  4. Escape using the helicopter at the dam
    • After overhating the pipes, there will be very little time to leave the dam. The helicopter will be waiting just over the dam. Be quick before the jets get there first. You do not want to know what happens if they get there first.

A Dam Mission - L4D2 Campaign Trailer

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Other information
    This project takes a very long time to make. Not only mine, but that of other people to. So if you want Donate I would greatly appreciate it! 

    There are some "ad" spots spread out around the level. If you want to add a picture of your liking you are welcome to do so by emailing me the picture. Note that donators get preference, and there is a limit amount of spots, so I cannot guarantee it's placement. If you donate, I will take the time to tell you whether or not you earned a place in the ad spots. Please, images must be PG-13 in sexual nature, AND gore is accepted only if it is not real AND it does not surpasses Left 4 Dead 2's gore levels.

    Donators can get early access to the campaign which is still in internal testing. Just request for it when you donate. 

    If you have a 4 player team in L4D2 and want to give the campaign a go, just let me know! I'd gladly lend the vkp to a few players, I would require a video so I can get some feedback. Such video would have to be private/unclassified until the release of the campaign to the public.

  • Eugenio "Motanum" Roman - Campaign Developer
  • Edwin Millheim - Voice Acting
  • Dustpup_SR - Loading Screen Creator
  • [HTT]Rectus - Technical Support