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Infected Tramway

The fifth map I made for zombie escape mod. 

 Name Infected Tramway
 Map ze_infected_tramway_v1
 Latest Version V1
 Players 72

After escaping Motanum Inc, the army has an assignment for you. Obtain the coordinates to a rocket launch pad to escape Earth and the nasty infection! 

  • Optimized map
  • HDR lighting. Outbreaks has never been this pretty
  • Up to 72 player spots
  • 6 and a half minutes of fun time!
  • Massive detailed level
  • Random octagon gates
  • Voice acting by Michichael Folsune
  • Story guided level
  • Exciting Locations
  • And more!
  • Future updates!


Link to Gamebanana available here.

  • Michichael Folsune for lending me his voice. It really adds to the atmosphere.
  • Bill Hawken was the lab rat when I was playing with the idea of voice acting.
  • Seaotter and for their donations and motivations.
  • Zeph for his knowledge with obscure entities.
  • Unreal, Layerba714 and Mevious for running through my map
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