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The MSEC Constitution was also introduced at the 2nd Annual Show Me Sustainability Conference in March.








The name shall be Missouri Student Environmental Coalition (MSEC), hereafter referred to as "MSEC."




Unify the youth environmental movement of Missouri to turn ideas into action and support students to achieve an ecologically sound, socially just, and economically viable state for the benefit of all life, present and future.




The Missouri Student Environmental Coalition will be an independent, transparent, and non-discriminatory student network, comprised of all Missouri universities, colleges, and high schools that collaboratively serve as:

(a)      a credible, recognizable face of youth organizers;

(b)      a hub of resources, information, and a working social network;

(c)      leadership on environmental education, civic engagement, and advocacy for sustainable practices.

As a result of this network, Missouri campuses, communities, and governments will embody a more safe, just, and prosperous – sustainable – future.




A.       Eligibility

1.         Any Missouri individual may become a member of MSEC.  There are no specific qualifications that need to be met for membership.  Any person that has interest in the environment and who wishes to follow the MSEC mission may be a member.

B.        Categories of Membership

1.         Student Members

Students within the state of Missouri may request to join MSEC, whereby each member shall have one vote and the eligibility to hold office within MSEC.

2.         Non-Student Members

Any non-student may request to join MSEC, whereby each member may not vote or hold office within MSEC.

3.         Delegates

Partnering organizations shall appoint one member to represent the respective organization in MSEC, whereby each delegate shall have one vote and the eligibility to hold office within MSEC.

4.         Non-Student Delegates

Any organization may request to designate one individual to represent the respective organization in MSEC, whereby each member may not vote or hold office within MSEC.


V.            ELECTIONS


A.       The elected officers of MSEC shall consist of a President, Vice President, and Secretary.

B.       Qualifications of Officers

1.         In order to be nominated as an Officer or maintain an Officer position, nominees must meet membership requirements.

C.        The term of office continues for one year starting on the day of election until the next election the following year.

D.       The election process should be held annually each March around a state-wide conference.

1.         Each Officer position shall be filled in each election process.

2.         Members may nominate other members or self-nominate.

3.         Nominations are due two weeks before the vote.

4.         Two-thirds of delegates from active schools must be present at the time of voting.  A simple majority of the popular vote in favor of the nominee will elect the member to office.  Actions requiring a popular vote at any Meeting at which quorum is not present may be submitted to the Members by the existing President for an e-mail vote.

5.         In the event that an executive position is vacated midterm, the election for the vacated position shall occur as soon as possible at the discretion of the Executive Board.

E.        Notifications and Postings of Elections

1.         In the weeks prior to the election, members will be verbally reminded of the upcoming election and positions available by the Executive Board at meetings.  Members will also be reminded about the upcoming election in the meeting’s minutes sent out by the Secretary.

F.         Election Procedures

1.         Secretary will announce nominations.

2.         Each nominee shall have two minutes or two-hundred words to speak on their qualifications for his or her nominated position.

3.         Each member shall vote by submitting his or her ballot to the Secretary; the Secretary shall total the votes for each nominee.  This process shall be repeated for each officer position.

4.         Newly elected officers should assume office immediately following the meeting in which they are elected.


VI.         OFFICERS


A.       Leadership of MSEC will rest within the Executive Board, which is composed of all elected positions, including but not limited to the following.

1.         President

The President shall call all meetings of the Executive Board, regular or otherwise, and shall serve as the leader of such meetings.  In addition, the President shall assist the Vice President in leading Regular Meetings, attend each Regular and Executive Meeting, preside over all events sponsored by MSEC, authorize executive decisions, serve as a spokesperson for MSEC and promote MSEC's mission.

2.         Vice President

In the absence of the President, or should the President prove unable or unwilling to perform the duties described above, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President.  In addition, the Vice President shall coordinate Regular meetings, attend each Regular and Executive Meeting, assist the President with executive decisions, advise the President with Membership concerns and proposals, serve as a spokesperson for MSEC and promote MSEC's mission.

3.         Secretary

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording accurate minutes for all meetings, regular or otherwise, and distributing said minutes to Membership.  In addition, the Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining an accurate and complete list of the MSEC Membership, attend each Regular and Executive Meeting, serve as a spokesperson for MSEC and promote MSEC's mission.




A.       Types of Meetings

      1. General Meetings will be held bi-monthly at such time and place determined by the Vice                  President.  General meetings shall consist of Membership and those interested in joining MSEC.  Among attendees for each meeting shall be the Executive Board and the minimum requirements to hold a quorum.
      2. Executive Board meetings will be held as necessary. 
    1.         A quorum shall exist at any Meeting of the Membership where at least three members are     in    attendance.




A.       The Executive Board shall appoint the following positions by unanimous consent:

1.         High School Representative

The High School Representative shall serve as a voice for MSEC members and organizations at the high school level, attend each Regular and Executive Meeting, serve as a spokesperson for MSEC and promote MSEC's mission.

2.         Higher Education Representative

The Higher Education Representative shall serve as a voice for MSEC members and organizations at institutions of higher education, attend each Regular and Executive Meeting, serve as a spokesperson for MSEC and promote MSEC's mission.




Any organization run by Missouri students can join MSEC. These organizations may elect one delegate to serve as a voting member for the respective organization. Any Missouri student may also request to join MSEC and have one vote, regardless of their membership status in a partner organization.  Partner Organizations are eligible to:

(a)      request support for their respective projects that adhere to the MSEC Charter and gain approval by the Executive Board;

(b)      participate in designated MSEC initiatives and events;

(c)      promote themselves and their respective projects through the MSEC network.

Through their activities, Partner Organizations will serve as spokespersons for MSEC and are therefore expected to uphold the principles of MSEC accordingly.


X.            PROJECTS


Projects supported or undertaken directly by MSEC must adhere to the principles set forth in the MSEC Charter.  The effectiveness of these projects will be evaluated by the Executive Board, or an executive appointed committee.  These evaluations will be based upon consensus knowledge of best practices for sustainability initiatives.  Project leaders will be designated for each project supported or undertaken directly by MSEC.  They will be responsible for:

(a)      understanding and complying with MSEC principles;

(b)      updating executive and or advisory committee members on the status of the project;

(c)      recording critical information regarding the project for the benefit of future members and project leaders.

Projects adhering to the aforementioned criteria will receive the full approval and support of MSEC.




Any member of the organization may present amendments to the Constitution at any regularly scheduled Executive Meeting.  After reading the current Constitution along with the proposed change(s), shall present the proposed changes to the Membership for approval.  A four-fifths majority is necessary to approve the amendment, whereby two-thirds of the Membership must be present at the time of voting.




This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, or status as a military veteran.