The Missouri Student Environmental Coalition-or MSEC -is an independent, student-run statewide network composed of both environmental organizations and individuals whose aim is to educate and advocate for a socially just and sustainable future. As a network, MSEC’s goal is to provide resources, support and encouragement for students who work to create positive and progressive social change in their neighborhoods and around the world. MSEC is still a growing community and we welcome all who wish to join!


The Missouri Student Environmental Coalition originally began as an idea at the 1st Show Me Sustainability Conference in 2009. Since that time, students across Missouri have worked exhaustedly to make MSEC into a wonderful community and resource for others such as themselves. One of the most memorable and pivotal moments in the construction of MSEC as an organization was the finalization of the charter draft document during the winter retreat at The Missouri Botanical Gardens.

In 2010, the attendees of the most recent Show Me Sustainability Conference, which was hosted at The University of Missouri (Mizzou), endeavored to establish MSEC as a functioning state-wide network for environmental groups and organizations. At this conference, over 35 signatures were gathered to ratify both MSEC’s charter and constitution.

Currently, MSEC is an agile organization, which is proudly in the process of expanding and taking on new projects.