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The hyporheic zone(HZ) is the active ecotone defined as the subsurface interface between streamwater and subsurface water. In the Neotropical Region, information concerninghyporheic communities is virtually on-existent and in general study aboutchironomids vertical distribution are scarce. We carried out a study onChironomidae in the hyporheic zone in the Tijuca National Park, city of Rio deJaneiro, Brazil. Biological samples from the hyporheic zone were collected intwo stream reaches, at three depths and four substrates in June 2012. In total18 genera were recorded. The results of this first survey show that: thedistribution patterns of chironomid subfamilies vary according to the reliefand the two sampling sites are quite different in chironomid composition; somespatial preferences for deposition habitats in the streamare evident, but thevertical distribution is not correlated with body size. Instead the hypothesis thatthe vertical distribution is correlated with feeding habits seems to be found.Future researches including environmental, physical and chemical parameters areneeded to better understanding the spatial distribution patterns of this group.

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