My Creative Writing ePortfolio*

 *An ePortfolio is an online collection of stuff to prove a point.  If you didn't know that, now you do.

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    So Cold (editing) 

    The Last Dragon (editing) 

    Snow and Blood (editing)


Mostly Literate Clan


What's Next? 




Thanks and Citations 

Welcome to my ePortfolio, which I am using to document my growth in the field of creative writing as a writer, an editor, and the founder of an online community. This ePortfolio has the additional purpose of showing the folks in Mostly Literate Clan what a portfolio made with Google Docs and Google Pages would look like. (For more information on MLC's plight, head over to their page.)  I'm also hoping to make a somewhat interesting ePortfolio so that the next time some poor honors student has to read ePortfolios, he/she won't be stuck reading about the educational requirements of Illinois.


In order to make this ePortfolio as simple to navigate as possible, there are links to all the pages in the column on the left.  There are three main pages (editing, writing, and Mostly Literate Clan), with subsections indented under them.  Once you go to the "big" sections, you can find links to the subsections for that category in the right-hand column.  It would probably make the most sense to read the "bigger" sections first and then move to their respective subsections, but, if you feel compelled to click randomly, you're welcome to.


In the writing section, you will find six of my stories, written between 2001 and the present, as well as my analysis of them now.  In the editing section, you can find a few examples of works I've edited, as well as a short stop-motion animation video about what an editor does.  In the section devoted to Mostly Literate Clan, you can learn about the clan, its members, and how hard it is to keep a group of multinational, insanely creative people from destroying civilization as we know it (or at least the clan's headquarters).  For a glimpse into the future (or, at least, what I think it will be), check out the page entitled "What's Next?"  If you want to know a little bit about me, you can check out my (very short) biography, and if you're wondering where I got all my pretty (and not so pretty) pictures from, you can check out the acknowledgments and citations page.  There's also a review page, where I'll be putting up reviews and comments from my readers.  (Hint, hint. I love feedback, especially feedback of the constructive sort!) 


Anyway, sit back, relax, keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times, and enjoy the ePortfolio!


This ePortfolio was last updated in August of 2008.  I am in the midst of another update.  Thank you for your patience.