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ESLT Blaster

Important Stuff:
-Intended for use with rubber dome darts and complete eye protection (both not included)
-Include a 1 year limited warranty* unless otherwise noted.
-All blasters will be paid for via PayPal, or cash/credit/debit in person. The buyer is responsible for shipping fees. See Below.
-If you'd like anything custom to the options below, email ryanthetoymaker[at]gmail[dot]com, kanethetoymaker[at]gmail[dot]com, or MHAToys[at]gmail[dot]com to request a quote
-Shipping is $20 per blaster to any address in the lower 48 contiguous states. International order please ask for quote.

ESLT - $100

The Extension Spring Latex Tubing (ESLT) Blaster is the most effective blaster that MHA currently produces. The Bullpup layout allows the user to look right down the barrel, making the blaster more accurate in practice than a typical blaster with a front-mou
nted barrel. The use of an extension spring makes priming smoother and easier than a compression spring blaster of the same power. A comfy 3d printed handle and vertical handle make this blaster ergonomically sweet, and a foam stock might just make this the most comfortable blaster you've ever held. ESLTs include an internal check-valve, integrated hopper / barrel setup, and 1 foot long clear PVC magazine.

In Stock (05/14/15):
Light Green
Dark Green

Sold out items can be built to order in 1-2 weeks. You can still order items if they are out of stock, or if they're in-stock (custom orders). You'll be notified when they are expected to ship.

*We will repair, replace, or refund any blaster returned to us without charge for 1 year from the ship date, but we will not reimburse shipping costs. If minor replacement parts are needed for an easy repair, we will try to resolve the issue by sending parts to avoid incurring shipping charges for the whole blaster.