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Blowgun ESLT


I started building this blaster with the intention of using it as my primary, but I enjoyed building this so much, I've decided to see if anyone wanted to buy it, and build another one. The ESLT is one of the best, if not the best blasters you can build or buy in the NIC. I took it a step further and integrated a hoppered blowgun along the ESLT barrel.

Both hoppers are secured with screws to eliminate for the need of tape. The only drawback is it's not undo-able. If you're left handed and you want to change the orientation of the hoppers, you'll be left with two holes in your wye. 

It's painted with Dupli-color's Vinyl & Fabric Coating, which adheres to PVC a lot better than normal spray paint, but still doesn't really "dye" the PVC. It's not a perfect paintjob; you can see spots where I missed or the paint chipped a bit during assembly because I didn't wait long enough for it to dry. It looks pretty nice though, and should hold up pretty well.

The blowgun also features a mouthpiece which is made from a couple pieces of vinyl tubing, with some 45 degree CPVC elbows. It's adjustable, and because it's vinyl tubing, the mouthpiece will flex and not ruin your teeth if you or your blaster gets bumped.

I added a longer stock which is strictly one printed piece with the same foam the ESLTs have on the back. The added Sch. 80 bar that attaches to the bottom of the handle increase the rigidity and strength of the blaster quite a bit. You can also use this to mount any kind of attachments or other stuff if you desire. I also shaped the stock on a belt sander to make it even more comfy.

Since the clips are pretty difficult to remove, dart doors were a necessity on both the ESLT and blowgun clips. This allows for easy reloading on the fly for both clips. Just to note, the dart doors will not work with less dense, larger or smaller diameter foam than our pink stuff. In order for these to operate well, they need to be pretty similar to our foam. However, I will be including 50 silicone dome darts so you at least have something that is proven to work.

As you can see the wyes and 1" priming tube are all purple. I experimented with dying stuff using solvents, which turned out pretty well. It's a pretty awful process, but if you want more info, check this out.

Terms Of Sale

Price: $200 shipped* or best offer

Important Stuff:
-This blaster is intended for use with rubber dome darts and complete eye protection (both not included). As previously alluded, other darts/foam may not work as well. 
-Includes a 1 year limited warranty**
-Includes 50 Silicone Dome Darts

-All blasters will be paid for via PayPal, or cash/credit/debit in person.
-Email ryanthetoymaker[at]gmail[dot]com for questions or post here.

*Shipping includes addresses in the lower 48 contiguous state. If you're international, please ask for quote. You'll receive (up to) a $20 in credit towards shipping.
**We will repair, replace, or refund any blaster returned to us without charge for 1 year from the ship date, but we will not reimburse shipping costs. If minor replacement parts are needed for an easy repair, we will try to resolve the issue by sending parts to avoid incurring shipping charges for the whole blaster.