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Blaster Components

Purple Catch/Handle 

As seen on the PullSCRTs and other blasters, these handles have an integrated trigger and catch which mount to 1 1/4" PVC (Models are also available for other plunger tube sizes, just ask).

This 3D printed piece attaches to the end of a hopper clip to enable the user the ability to reload ammo on the fly. Usually clips must be removed from the blaster after it's been emptied, which leaves you vulnerable during reloading. With this attachment, just push darts through the top, one at a time, without having to turn a valve or remove the clip. These are intended to be used with our silicone domes. Results may vary while using other darts. Read here for more information[link needed]

ESLT Stock 

Fits on 1 1/4" PVC. Super comfortable compared to a PVC Tee style stock. Foam can be shaped on your own using a belt sander, or left as-is.

If you have any other specific requests for printed parts/custom stuff, please send us an email.