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Important Stuff:
-Intended for use with rubber dome darts and complete eye protection (both not included)
-Include a 1 year limited warranty* unless otherwise noted.
-All blasters will be paid for via PayPal, or cash/credit/debit in person. The buyer is responsible for shipping fees. See Below.
-If you'd like anything custom to the options below, email ryanthetoymaker[at]gmail[dot]com, kanethetoymaker[at]gmail[dot]com, or MHAToys[at]gmail[dot]com to request a quote
-Shipping is $20 per blaster to any address in the lower 48 contiguous states. International order please ask for quote.

*We will repair, replace, or refund any blaster returned to us without charge for 1 year from the ship date, but we will not reimburse shipping costs. If minor replacement parts are needed for an easy repair, we will try to resolve the issue by sending parts to avoid incurring shipping charges for the whole blaster.
whole blaster.

Aabow - $65

The Aabow (Actually A Bow) is a simple, robust pneumatic bow that combines the fun and novelty of a toy bow with the power of a homemade blaster.  MHA Aabows are equipped with a check-valve to ensure reliable hopper or RSCB feed, and a static rear grip to steady aim during the release. To use an Aabow, hold the blaster by a bow arm, then pull back the string (NOT the handle) until it is close enough to the rear grip to hold the rear grip and string with the same hand. When ready, release the string, while still holding on to the rear grip.
Aabows include integrated hopper / barrel setup, and a 1 foot long clear PVC magazine.

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