Purple Catch

The purple catch is similar in intent to the Rainbow Catch, which contained the catch inside a 1 1/4" plunger tube.  Instead, the purple catch, trigger, and return spring are all housed inside the handle, making this easy to install on a wide variety of blasters.

These are all the printed parts for the purple catch. 
The trigger is printed in two mirror image pieces, which are glued together.  

The same is true of the handle, which also needs to be glued together.  There is support material and some sagging filament that needs to be removed as well.  I didn't get a useable picture of the support material with this one, so it's pictured (above and below) in it's descrted form.  This is a significant step, although I have created custom support material to drastically reduce the labor involved compared to the early versions.

The trigger slides against the slope of the hole in the catchplate. A spring goes in the 8mm hole beneath the catchplate cavity

Fully assembled, it looks like this:

This one was too "clicky" for my taste, which I improved by inserting a 4x folded paper shim spacer.  It's folded underneath the trigger and held on with scotch tape.  I think I can increase the width of the trigger to avoid this in the future

When it's actually used on a blaster, it will be cut to the size needed for that particular blaster.  It can be adapted to catch on a +bow/rainbow style plunger rod cut (at least 2" bore and smaller), or a snap-style full-bore catchface (any size).  The mounting holes on the side of the handle are used for attaching to the blaster with other 3d printed parts that vary depending on the blaster being produced.  

A generic 1 1/4" PVC clamp was used on this PurplePAC, which I made with the purple catch in the writeup. 

I also used a purple catch on the latest bullPACs.  It uses two small plates to screw into the 3/4" PVC front frame tube.

This google drive interface is terrible and clumsy, but it has the .stl files needed.  When I feel an unexpected breeze of motivation I will host these files elsewhere.

Also, I intend to do a version of this which can be cut out of plates, show how to do it, and then never do it again.