Check Valve O-ring Style Plunger Heads

About a month back, Kane realized we could use the same concept T da B used in his Ported Piston Plunger Head, and create a version that was 3d printed.

*To download, right click and "Save link as". Save as an ".stp" file and you should be able to view it in your preferred modeling software.

Kane made a version for his Aabows.

And I used almost the exact same thing for the ESLT Blasters.

I guess it works slightly different than T da B's, since it relies on the o-ring sealing against the back of the plunger head, instead of covering the holes for it to seal. While it's priming, the o-ring slides to the front of the plunger head, allowing air to pass from the front, to the rear, bypassing the seal. In this 3d model, you can see the invisible air channels that accomplish this.

When the blaster is fired, the o-ring seals against the back of the plunger head, making the holes for the check valve irrelevant.