DIY Blaster Components

This section is for various guides that aren't about an entire blaster, but a specific part of one.

Feed mechanisms:

Original Wye Hopper Thread by Beaver

RSCB guide by KaneTheMediocre
Not invented by me.  It's murky, but I think 3DBBQ did it.

Broken Pictures, sort of obsolete

Hopper Clip for Tagger Darts by KaneTheMediocre
Broken Pictures, sort of obsolete

Shotgun Hopper Clip by KaneTheMediocre
Broken Pictures, sort of obsolete

RSCB guide by KaneTheMediocre

Marshmallow Hopper

Plunger Heads

Broken pics, working .STP file links

3-Disc Plunger Heads
Crappy guide for an OK design that isn't mine.

Catch Mechanisms:

Purple Catch by KaneTheMediocre
Broken pictures.

Double Lever Catch by KaneTheMediocre.
Still doesn't have an independent writeup.  It's the catch used on the ESLT.  Leaving this here with hopes I do it.

Rainbow Catch by Stark, Beaver, and Atomatron
Broken pictures


SNAP by Carbon
This is the original blaster that used the Clothespin Trigger. 
The parts used can be roughly applied to more complex designs.

HAMP by KanetheMedicore
This uses a yarn and duct tape seal that is rather unique, and requires minimal tools and materials access.
The design can be adapted to create a low friction seal between a wide variety of tubes.

Barrel Guide  by RyanMcNumbers
A whole bunch of tubes useful to the making of nerf blaster barrels.