Dairy Entry

If you're looking for a recipe to convert a simple run of the mill trek into an overtly exhaustive and messy escapade, here's one for you. With a plan to cover forts Tung and Tikona in a day, we zealously reached Lonavala at 7 in the morning and took an auto rickshaw to Ghusalkhamb. From here the 8 KM walk to Tungi/Tungvadi village took us a good 2 hours. Unluckily every single jeep, tempo and lorry that sped past  chose to ignore our request for a lift for some unknown reason. 

We started ascending the Tung fort at around 11 and reached the main entrance in half an hour. From there another 20 minutes walk led to the top of the fort. Thick fog that enveloped the place reduced visibility to less than a couple of feet; Hence we decided to get down immediately and reached the road in no time. From here we started walking towards Kevre gaon to catch the launch for crossing Pavna backwaters and reach Brahmnoli on the other side.

After a couple of Kilometers we heard the bad news that the launch at 3 'o clock had been canceled. We were asked to take a shortcut of around 6 KM and reach a road head from where buses to Kamshet go via Tikonapeth. We zealously ventured and in no time were caught in a quagmire of sorts. The wet mud not only made a mess of our shoes and legs but also made it extremely difficult to walk. It took us two more hours to reach the Pavna river, after washing our legs in which we reached the bus stop at 3 PM, with the hope to catch a bus to take us back home (With all enthusiasm for Tikona already drained - Life would been a lot easier if we had decided this 2 hours back and walked towards Ghusalkhamb).

Then we had the worst surprise of the day as the only human in the vicinity informed us that, the day being 'Aashadh dwadashi', all buses had been diverted to Pandharpur and we may have to spend that night in a nearby village. The other option was to walk another 12 KM to Chavsar, another village, from where probability of catching a bus was higher. We didn't want to leave any door unknocked. After 3 grueling hours of walk we reached Chavsar at 6, only to know that the last bus for the day had left !!! We paid 350 to a cab driver to drop us at Kamshet (~30 KM) from where we hitch hiked on a lorry to reach Lonavala and reached Pune via train. Sigh, i get tired narrating!


Reached Lonavala at 7:15 by Deccan queen. First bus to Ambavne being at 9:15, we took an auto rickshaw to Ghusalkhamb. Started climbing at 11 and were back on road by 12:30. The rest is pretty much explained in the dairy entry. The plan is better executed with private transport.

Lesson - Find out ST bus timings before hand, if you're dependent on them. If you cannot, keep your plan short and sweet.


Road from Ghusalkhamb

Tung fort

Fortress entrance and walls