Dairy Entry 

Torna was the first fort that Shivaji conquered at an age of 16 and that quite made it a good candidate for my first trek in the Sahyadris. When we started at 7 AM on the morning of 14th of june, the Sky was dark with looming clouds. We reached the Velhe at around 9 and covered ourselves in rain gears as soon as we got down. We were happy to spot 2 waterfalls in the first five minutes.

We continued without a break for an hour and reached a long mountain ridge. The winds were violent and noisy and the rain poured horizontally due to the winds. The air was powerful enough to easily make you stumble and fall down.

After this there were some tricky and scary rock patches and except for the first one, the others were provided with iron railings to hold on while climbing. Extreme caution is advised while climbing them. (As on 5th Feb 2009, I learnt through a local newspaper that two trekkers lost their lives while climbing one of these patches.) We reached the temple at the top in two and half hours. The floating clouds brought down our visibility to just about a couple of feet. We walked a few hundred meters on the top, hoping to get to one of the view points, but found it impossible to make it due to the rains and poor visibility.

As more crowd started entering the temple, we decided to climb down. The rain gods graced us with incessant showers till the moment we reached the village at 3 PM. We drenched ourselves in a waterfalls and after a hot cup of tea started from there to reach pune at 6.


Velhe is very easy reachable by bus. If you are not able to find a direct bus, take any bus going on NH4 (Satara, Sangli, etc.) and get down at Narsapur Phata. From here you can find another bus or tempo. 

Stay is possible atop the fort, in the temple. If you are planning to cover Rajgad along with Torna, night stay is necesary.


The first water fall.

The mountain ridge

The Nagphani flower

The fortress wall