Dairy Entry

Sudhagad is a very popular fort frequented by trekkers during the monsoon. The rain gods were clearly not happy with our trekking expedition. The non stop downpour dampened our clothes initially and to some extent also our spirits towards the end.

The ascent was decent - not very steep or tricky. Recently, railings near rock patches and a ladder in the most tricky spot have been installed. The fort at the top is in very good condition. There are number of walls, passages, etc that one can explore. The huge plateau top with vast meadows is a refreshing sight.  However since we were dependent on public transport we did not spend much time there. We had to get down as soon as possible. We had lunch in a small temple at the top of the fort and then started descending.

During descent we took a different route that had steps carved out of rock. While in summer this route could have proven a very easy one, the rains converted the entire route into a waterfall and walking over the flowing water was tricky. This tremendously slowed down our pace and we eventually got delayed. 

When we reached Pali in teh evening, we had missed our last bus to Pune. We took a bus to Khopoli and then another bus from there to reach pune at midnight.


I did this trek with Siddheshwar trekking club. We did not arrange any private transport. We took the 7 'o clock bus to Pali from Pune and from there traveled in a tempo traveler to  Pachchapur and started our climb at around 10:30. We didn't spend much time at the top as we had to get down to catch the last bus to Pali and hence descended as soon as we reached and had lunch.


First sign of fortification.

Flowers on the fort wall

Temple at the top

The route of descent