Satara, Thoseghar

Dairy Entry

Our initial plan was to visit Kaas plateau/lake, a picnic spot 25 KM from the city. However due to unavailability of buses, we chose to travel to Sajjangad, which took us about an hour to reach from the city. There's a climb of around 100 steps that take you to the top and from there you can get a panoramic view of all the mountains around and villages below. The grass around was in the process of tuning all green after the first rains.

It was around 12 when we got down and decided to visit Thoseghar waterfalls, which was about 12-13 KM from here. We were advised to go to a bus stand a little down hill to board a bus. Tired of the never ending Ghat roads, we directly climbing down the hills and reached the village Sonwadi at the foothills in 45 minutes. And here we waited for not less than 2 hours for the next bus to Thoseghar! The village was small and scenic. At one 'o clock it looked like dusk - the sky being totally covered with dark clouds. There are hardly 2-3 Buses in a day connecting these places and without awareness of the timings, much time can go wasted.

Finally after a bus arrived, it took us about half an hour to reach Thoseghar. The waterfalls is 2 KM further down the road (ask for 'Dhab dhaba'). As we got down, I could see clouds running all around my leg. The weather was at its best. We walked down a small hilly path , to catch a refreshing glimpse of the waterfalls. The vegetation was dense and the water was clear. The small lake, where the falling waters collected, shone with a bright turquoise tinge. We spent a good one hour there; walking though the rocky patches and dipping our feet in the chill water. 

We reached the bus stand at 4:20 and it was raining heavily. The only building in the entire vicinity was one under construction. The wall besides it said ‘Hotel Hill Stone’. The hotel was two tables and few chairs inside a half constructed room (with holes in place of windows) and no electricity. And it seemed to specialize only in non vegetarian dishes. I satisfied myself with a cup of tea and sat on a small cemented platform, waiting for the bus. The erratic rain poured in irregular intervals and the chill in the air reached the inside of our bodies. All that we could see around were clouds. We waited for an hour and a half, after which hope came in the form of a bus – But going in the opposite direction! We knew there was only one village atop the mountain and the bus had to come back to take us to Satara. After one more hour, we heard the faint sound of the engine, coming from a far off mountain top.


Satara is very easily reachable from Pune. We started early in the morning and reached the place in 2 hours. To get places like Kass pleateau or Thoseghar falls, buses may not be the right choice as there are veyr few services to these places. Taxi is inevitable if you wish to cover all places ina day.


Atop the Sajjangad fort

Women at Sonwadi village

Thoseghar falls

The Turquoise pool

Reflection in a rain drop