Sagargad, Ramdharneshwar trek

Dairy Entry

 The ascend was quite straight forward. In ten minutes we reached the Siddheshwar ashram, after which it was an even climb, crossing a couple of tribal hamlets on the way. We were greeted by the sight of a magnificent waterfalls very soon. We however had to proceed walking in an opposite direction due to lack of time.

The proximity to the ocean made the weather extremely sultry. It was fortunately sunny (rains would have made the climb boring). The entire route was covered with grass, bright green in color.  When we reached the fort, we hardly had anytime to spend there as the climb had taken longer than expected. As the sun shone bright as ever in the afternoon sky, the placid waters of Teenvira lake provided the best possible setting for a peaceful lunch.

 The village of Karle, at the base of the Ramdharneshwar was extremely remote and picturesque, with a huge pond and a temple. It hardly had a dozen houses and people were actively staring at us like specimens on display, when we arrived there. The climb and descend of Ramdharneshwar was quite usual, excet for the fact that two back to back left us totally exxhausted.

(The Pond in Karle)


(The trek was done with the trekking group in my company and some experienced folks took care of the logistics).

On the road from Pen to Alibaug, a diversion from the highway (Around 12 Km before Alibaug) leads to the starting of  this this trek. The only lanmark one wcould ask for is the Siddheshwar Ashram that i near the foot hills of the trek. The other route tp Sagragad fort via Poinad is shorter and steeper. 

We descended via a third route and reached the the Teenvira lake and had lunch by the lake side. We then travelled to a nearby Village Karle and climbed the Ramdharneshwar peak. It was already dusk when we descended down after the hectic trek it was (Around 23 KM on the mountains in a single day).


 Endless greenery

Wild Flowers

The cliff

Mountain stream