Dairy entry 

Vichitragad also known as Rohida (after the Rohideshwar temple on the fort top) is one of the three forts close to Bhor (Other two being Raireshwar and Kenjalgad). The entire region is famed for it's beautiful flowers that adorn the mountain slopes for a short while after the monsoons. Bazarwadi, a small and deserted village with two dozen houses, was filled with fields of yellow flowers everywhere, whose bright hue against the perfect blue sky made for a totally over -whelming view. The fort was visible from a far distance and so was the trail leading to it.

The Rohida hill was a vast expanse of rolling grasslands (mostly over grazed by villagers and nomads) with no trees anywhere in the vicinity. That's probably the reason for the abundance of flowers everywhere. The emerald green grass and yellow flowers that did a great job of hiding it fully, were studded at places with pink balsams, like rubies studded in gold.

Quite unfortunately, the door at the fort entrance was locked when i reached the top and the chaukidar who opens it up for visitors was no where to be seen. However as a welcome surprise, near the doorway, i discovered Karvy blossoms in full bloom. The flowers that bloom only once in eight years are not so easily seen !


Took the 7 O' clock bus from Swargate and reached Bhor by 8. First bus to Bazarwadi
(~9 KM from bus stand) was after 9:30; hence took an auto for 100 bucks, after a great deal of haggling. Took an hour to ascend the fort and descended in 20 mins. Took a share taxi back to Bhor and a bus to Pune to reach home by mid day.



Temple at fort base

Rohida fort and the trail

Karvy flowers