Dairy Entry

Purandar, in the late monsoons, is a real treat for flower lovers. The purple colored balsam plants in full bloom, all along the road side near Narayanpur, offer a warm welcome. Fields of bristly smithia, with their bright yellow petals and red dots offer a stark contrast. The entire trail on the hills is covered with so many rare and common species that are in bloom for a very short period of time.

Easily reachable from Pune, Purandar fort today can be mostly covered on road. There is road (in poor condition) till the Purandareshwar temple. From here the trail to Kedareshwar temple takes around 40 minutes. For those like me, dependent on public transport, the best way is to reach Narayanpur by bus, walk till the base village from there and reach Purandeshwar temple on foot. This approach i believe also offers a closer look at the exquisitely beautiful flowers in full bloom. 

From Narayanpur, the walk till Purandareshwar temple took nearly two hours. From here, the route to Kedareshwar temple is beautiful and the temple itself is indescribable in words. Set on a hill much higher than the surrounding places, the temple does seem like the top of the world.  And unlike other fort top temples, which look like a broken shack with an idol uncared for, this one does give a feeling of visiting a place of religious significance. Apart from the two temples there are innumerable other sites to visit. Vajgragad is another fort very close by. Near the chai shop outside the Purandareshwar temple is a board, behind which is a detailed map of all the places around. With the rains pouring crazy, I was in no mooed of any more adventure. The descent was pretty straight forward, greatly accelerated by the heavy showers.


Took the 7 'O clock bus to Saswad (35 KM) from Swargate. Had breakfast and took another connecting bus from there to Narayanpur (~15 KM). From Narayanpur, the base village is a couple of Kilometers by road. From here the trail is very clear and leads to the Bini Darwaja. Spent sometime in the kedareshwar temple and descended after lunch, to return home by evening.


Balsam blossom

Bristly smithia

Gourian clematis