Mulshi, Tamhini, Lonavala

Dairy Entry

A visit to the Mulshi lake and Tamhini Ghats, just an hour away from Pune, in the monsoons is exactly the thing that makes you feel lucky to be living in this magical city surrounded by hills. Everywhere you are greeted by the looming mountains wrapped in velvet green, embellished with innumerable white streaks of falling water. Nothing could be more refreshing than the mere sight of these.

We started at around 7 in the morning and proceeded towards the Mulshi lake. After spending a good one hour at the lake, we started towards Tamhini. Mid way (near the place where the road turns right along side the lake), we spotted many parked vehicles and got down to explore. A half an hour walk revealed some of the best waterfalls i have ever seen

From Tamhini, we took a by pass to drive towards Lonavala. The road was in very poor shape. We reached a valley of sorts, which offered some amazing view fo teh mountains. The road continued to stay bumpy until we reached Amby valley. On the way we witnessed a number of streams, lakes , waterfalls, etc that we almost grew tired after a point !

After Amby Valley we did not spend much time in Lonavala and reached Pune by night.


Stream near Tamhini

On the Tamhini-Lonavala road

The valley of clouds

Our bikes