Dairy Entry

Yet another remote fort of the Marathas, snugged in an unknown corner of the scenic Tamhini ghats. Tamhini is a destination in itself for the numerous waterfalls adorning the green mountains, which the roads cut through. We crossed the mighty mulshi lake and then the Tamhini ghats to reach the base village Jite at around 10.

From there when we started ascending, we had very less clue about the direction or exact location of the fort. We chose between multiple trails and walked through absolutely dense jungles. In an hour and half we reached a place which was quite steep with dry grass all over, after which there was no visible trail. Most of us tried to find a rock or a crevice to sit on while the experienced trekkers proceeded in multiple direction to see what lay ahead!

We sat for more than hour when the rains showered wildly. We then realized that although the fort lay just above us, there was no proper trail as we had taken the wrong route. Retracing would involve at least 2 extra hours. Finally we decided to continue in the same direction and cover the tough patch. Treading the slippery soil with caution, we were on top in half an hour.

At the top we were quite surprised to see a hamlet with around 10 houses. From here we could see the kurdugad peak closely. We went atop the fort , relaxed for a while and returned through the proper trail, which was a very easy and established one.


 (The trek was done with the trekking group in my company and some experienced folks took care of the logistics).

If you were to travel by bus, it's doubtful if you would even reach the base village before evening. You need private vehicle to reach the place. 

After the descending the Tamhini Ghats, travel towards Nizampur. A few Kilometres before Nizampur, the diversion would show the direction to 'Jite' - the base village.


Farmers at the base village

The trail

The Kurdugad Peak

The fortress wall