Dairy entry

Kenjalgad and Raireshwar are twin forts situated on the range extending from Bhor and meeting the hills of Panchgani. As one walks from the last Village, Korle, the flat trail proceeds along the ridge for 3-4 KM, until a point, where a diversion to the right leads to the Raireshwar plateau and to the left lies Kenjalgad. All along the way, we were greeted by streams flowing down the hills. The rock massif that forms the top of the Kenjalgad, is visible right from the beginning, leaving no chance of getting lost anywhere.

At a relaxed pace, it took a little over two hours to reach the village Voholi, at the base of the hill, while approaching from Bhor side. The settlement was a collection of a handful of huts and a cheerful boy from here agreed to lead us till the fort top. We took a round about route very simple to climb. The massif itself has neatly carved stairs to ascend. The last stretch of the ridge below the massif offered some of the most spectacular views. Far down below we could see Wai and the waters of Dhom Dhar dam while on the opposite side stood Kamlagad fort. Apparently another route from the Wai leading to the fort, joins this ridge. 

On the top of the fort are a few water cisterns and lots of other typical remnants found on Sahyadri forts. After some ambling around we descended down to Korle and caught the last bus at 6 PM to Bhor.


Reached bhor by the 7:15 bus from Swargate to catch the 8:45 bus to Korle (20 KM). From Korle Reached the fort top in three and half hours at a relaxed pace. Spent an hour and descended after lunch to catch the last bus at 6:00 PM to Bhor. Returned to Pune by 9.



Dhom dhar dam and Kamlagad fort

Steps leading to the fort top


Water cistern on top


Ridge below the massif