Kaas Plateau and Thoseghar Waterfalls

Dairy Entry

 A rather unknown patch of land lying somewhere between Satara and Bamnoli comes to life in all its glory for a very short span of time between mid September and early October. To miss this wondrous extravaganza is something that nature lovers just can't afford. In its peak season, the Kaas plateau is clogged with Balsam flowers to the extent of vision turning it into a dream land of sorts, seemingly unreal. The bright maroon fields refresh one's senses. Equal in its beauty are the white fields of pipeworts. The blue bladderworts are show stealers and it's sure tough to believe that they are carnivorous. The myriad other species of other flowers are easily overshadowed due to their small number.

Thoseghar waterfalls is another excellent getaway very close to Satara. Although crowded in the weekends, the place gains a magical charm during monsoons, when the clear mountain stream gushes through rock crevices to empty itself into a magnificent turquoise pool. One can jump over rocks and climb trees to go deeper into the jungle to spend lone time with the stream. There is a clear trail amidst trees  leading to the pool, that is hardly noticed by the tourists. This offers the best of experiences.

Itinerary& Tips

Started early morning from Pune. Visited Balaji temple near Kapurhol and had breakfast at Hotel Natraj. Reached Satara at 10. Kaas is 22 KM away, on the road Bamnoli. (Very few public buses. The damned place has no bus stand). After a good 3 hours returned to Satara and took the road going towards Chalkewadi (Thoseghar waterfalls and Sajjangad fort lie on this road.) Reached the waterfall in an hour. Bus service on this route is decent (if you are aware of bus timings). 

Do not dare to travel without packed food. Nothing available in Kaas or Thoseghar. Kaas especially is not an inhabited place and hardly visited by tourists.


Konkan Pinda

Tuberous Pipeworts

Graham's groundsel

Stream at Thoseghar