Duke's Nose

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An 800 feet massive piece of rock protruding out of the hills, in between Lonavala and Khandala is clearly visible when one travels by road, even on a cloudy day. This cliff referred to as the Duke's nose or Nagphani offers some of the breathtaking views of the hills and forests below. We started off by the 6 'O clock express train and got down at Khandala. On Sundays, especially during the monsoons, a number of small and big groups can be spotted around the Khandala station, all set to climb this peak. It's very important to follow a guide or a group, as there are a number of confusing trails and since trekkers approach the cliff from behind,  there is no visible destination that one can walk towards. Without proper guidance, reaching the cliff top is near impossible.

The group that we followed was racing towards the top and we reached the cliff in a record time of one and half hours. The clouds were very dense and visibility very poor. We got extremely short lived glimpses of the valley below when sunlight occasionally peeped. There was a sort of a cliff opposite to Duke's nose from where one gets a brilliant full length view of the rock face. Of course, walking till the cliff tip is serious business and caution needed.

We descended in 20 mins to the nearby village of Kurvande and took a share taxi from there to Lonavala. (Well, one does wonder why we shouldn't start ascending from Kurvande if it's just below the cliff. The steep ascent can be a li'l tricky from here. But i think its mostly because, the village is not easily reachable from Lonavala without a private vehicle).


Started by Sinhgad express and reached Khandala early in the morning. Reached the cliff top at around 9:30. After spending a couple of hours on the top and the opposite cliff, descended to Kurvande, took a share taxi to Lonavala and a local train to Pune.


Tribal lady

Misty slopes

Trekkers on the ridge

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