Daity Entry

There was an incessant mild drizzle since early morning, when we started. The route after Manchar was a feast to the eyes. The vehicle slowly rode past the steep mountain roads with lush green valleys on the either side, the flowing waters of the Bhima river framing them like a perfect painting.We reached Bhimashankar by 10, before the first Govt. bus reached. Hence it was a comfortable 'darshan' in the temple, which wasn't crowded at all.

The jungles around Bhimashankar are dense with numerous confusing trails. There are trails leading to a number of places like view points to see the valley, the starting point of river Bhima, Gupt Bhimashankar (a shrine hidden inside the jungle), etc. The locals at the temple informed us that Gupt Bhimashankar should be one hour walk from the temple. We proudly declined the offer of guides and deceided to take the hike ourselves. After the first 10 minutes, we were clearly away from human occupation, although the trail was clear. 

 After an hour, we reached a large meadow beside a flowing river. The river was wider than normal streams and the meadow had over a dozen cows grazing peacefully. From there, started the confusion. Too many directions and far too many trails to choose from. There was no sign of any human being even at distance. We started exploring trails in different directions.

After an hour of exploratory hiking, i heard the faint sound of water splash from a particular direction. A few steps into the marshes, revealed the magnificent site of a two tier waterfalls. We were happy we found something finally. With the clouds making dangerous noises, we had to return back to the temple immediately


Bus services to Bhimashankar are available from Pune (Shivaji nagar bus stand). The distance of 130 KM takes around 4 hours by bus and services aren't very frequent. Hence traveling by bus means not having enough time to explore the woods near the temple. Although visited by a large number of tourists, it does not have good facilities for stay or even food for that matter. We had engaged a Cab from Pune, as we wanted to take a walk into the jungle for a couple of hours. Trekking is another option. The (easier) route is quite long and need to be done with a local guide.


The Jungle trail

Cows grazing the meadows

The river

Ranhalad in full bloom