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Prayer for our Region


Father, you are the giver of all good gifts.


You formed us as a community of faithful people just as you did the first family of your followers.


You called us to be your disciples and you have sent us into the world by the power of the Holy Spirit to carry your message of reconciling love to all.  Help us to live our Baptism and trust in your Providential care.


We seek the gifts of your Holy Spirit that we might have a single-hearted love for Jesus, who showed us the Father’s love and leads us into the fullness of life. 


Lord, come, live in your people and strengthen us by your grace.  Help us to remain close to you in prayer, in mission, in witness and in service.


Make us your good stewards, that all you send to our region will find in us a people ready to answer your call to teach, to care for those in need and to help build up your commonwealth of Justice, Peace and Love.


Give us a true love for one another, that we will be a blessing to all who gather to worship you in the Region of the Most Holy Trinity.


We make this prayer in union with you who are the Source of all Being, Eternal Word and Loving Spirit, + Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.    AMEN