This is Mostafa Eweda's Web Site
Date of birth: Match 20th, 1990

  • BSc. in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt - 2011

  • March 2014 to present: Software Development Engineer @ Microsoft.
  • September 2011 to February 2014: Language Engineer @ Cloud9 IDE (or Ajax.org).
  • Soldier in The Egyptian Navy - Oracle Engineer (October 2011 to December 2012).
  • Software Development Intern in Tahrir Sqr · Aug 2011 to October 2011 · Alexandria, Egypt
  • Summer Research Intern in CMIC (Cairo Microsoft Innovation Center) · Jul 2010 to Sep 2010 · Cairo, Egypt

My Graduation Project ScroIDE
  • Online IDE for developing Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, JavaScript;
  • Collaborative coding environment;
  • Developing web apps of different types;
  • Deploy your web apps to different cloud platforms (e.g. CloudFoundry).
  • Facebook page here and twitter page here.

  • Site for viewing uploaded lectures and commenting on it, questions and answers
  • Viewing schedule and day events
  • Subscribing to specific events, documents, schedule.
  • Calender view for managing lectures...details.