Moss Estates POA - Season's Greetings!

  • Moss 2013 Board of Directors Election results and recent officer appointments: 
    • Tim McGraw, President
    • Lem Donelson, Vice-President
    • Laurie Dunn, Secretary
    • Directors-at-Large:  Jack Higgins & Henry Elsesser

  • Important - Covenants Amending Vote Coming - MEMBERS, PLEASE VOTE!

    A Covenants changing vote is coming and members will receive ballots.  At issue is the term "matching" with regard to adding structures to properties. This term has caused some consternation and head scratching. A past board once interpreted "matching" to mean that structures like sheds must exactly match the homes' materials. So early on, an owner of an all brick home was advised to build an all brick shed.

          • Currently, there are approximately a half dozen backyard sheds--all built or installed to code. Three closely match home construction - 2 built by our original builder/developer-- but others are prefabricated with vinyl that matches the home.  

            Recently, a member requested ARC approval to install a prefabricated shed with customizations - color would match home. But, because this member's home is nearly all brick, the Board is not in 100% agreement whether a vinyl shed would be permitted with a brick home, or vice versa.  To build via traditional construction methods an all brick shed is cost-prohibitive, compared to a prefabricated vinyl, and not fair really.  Those with vinyl sheds do not have a brick face as all homes have. And, there are other structures, like play gyms and such, that do not match homes at all.

            The majority of the board would like to better define matching and make the article more fair as the Covenants do not say matching "in color" or "in materials", etc.  Your support is needed.

About Our Moss Estates POA Community:

Moss Estates of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29588 is a beautiful community of 54 homes and properties, located southwest of Myrtle Beach city, west of Route 17 Bypass and off of Route 707, between Socastee and Surfside in the County of Horry.  The Intracoastal Waterway is west of us and the Atlantic Ocean is east.

Our homeowners' association is the Moss Estates Property Owners' Association (POA), Inc.  and our management company is Premier Management Group. This is our Board and Member web site. 

We are proud of our scenic neighborhood of half-acre or greater sized home sites,  some adjacent to protected state wetlands woodlands. Our stormwater management ponds, while maintained, are very naturalistic. Our ponds are home to a variety of wildlife, such as blue heron, snowy egrets, turtles, sun fish, blue gill, catfish, mallard ducks, and even a junior alligator nicknamed "George."  [Update: George has not been seen since Spring 2013.] Migrating swan visit each spring and fall.  The woods abound with both deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs, including Carolina pines, water and live oak, star gum, wax myrtle, red bay, jessamine - Carolina jasmine, and wild magnolia.

Beaches, shopping centers, the Socastee post office and the Socastee Library are all a quick drive. There are public boat docks to the Intracoastal Waterway nearby. We are in the Saint James School District - GO SHARKS!  See Links for additional information on the surrounding area, community, entertainment and recreation.

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