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What Is Mosquito?

How often after changing your CSS file to fix one page you were wondering if you haven't break others? How many times a week you and your colleagues click through the site to make sure every page renders good under all conditions with all possible inputs? Have you ever missed an important case? Are you always checking how error reporting looks like?

Mosquito can automate the most work for you! It can traverse through your site, enter data into fields, press buttons, and take screenshots according to user written script. All you have to do is look through already-taken screenshots to see if there are any errors.

Mosquito can be even run nightly and prepare all the shots for your consideration in the morning.

Mosquito System Requirements

  • Mac OSX 10.4

What Is Needed To Run Mosquito?

In order to run mosquito you should have the following prerequisites installed:

How Do I Start?

  • Download and unpack mosquito
  • Invoke 'ruby mosquito_demo.rb'
  • You should have images generated in img folder - go and check them
  • Copy mosquito_demo.rb and start checking your own site
  • Consult Mosquito Users Guide for mosquito reference.

How Does Mosquito Script Look Like?

Here's a sample from mosquito distribution:

require 'mosquito'

open_and_shoot("", "img/yahoo.png"),
type("p", 'mosquito'),

How Does Mosquito Output Look Like?

After running mosquito demo script you will get two images in img folder: the Yahoo! homepage and Yahoo! search results. Please note that search result was obtained by submitting the form. Another sample of form submitting was also take from registration. 

But the main power of mosquito is comparing images with reference (the one consider good, or simply previous) shots. This shot shows you a difference between two opera signup page made in a week period.

You can also find additional samples at the side of the page.

What's In a Name?

It is widely assumed that Federico Fellini took the name paparazzi from an Italian dialect word for a particularly noisy, buzzing mosquito.

I Have Problems/Suggestions/Feature Requests. What to do?

I will be happy to get an e-mail from you about mosquito. Feel free to write to <mike dot aizatsky at gmail dot com>. Please add the '[mosquito]' tag to your subject line.

Mosquito Blog

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Mosquito Users Guide

Download Mosquito

Sample Mosquito Output

Opera signup page:

Diff with reference shot:

Yahoo! home page:

37 Signals home page: