GAT (Gravid Aedes Trap) Mosquito Control

We are a group of residents in the Town of University Park, Maryland employing the Gravid Aedes Trap (GAT) to control local populations of the Asian Tiger mosquito, Aedes albopictus, and possibly also those of the tropical yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti. The GAT can also be used to survey mosquitoes so we can identify hot-spots and optimize interventions. If you are using one or more traps (or want to), please click here to complete an online form so you get information and updates.
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Female Asian tiger mosquito laying eggs

Picture of a female Asian tiger mosquito laying eggs.  Copyright © 2006 Sean McCann

For more about this project and yard/garden mosquitoes click here.

This site is intended to provide information and communication to all University Park residents trying to control Aedes mosquitoes in their yards and gardens.

The community based and driven research on the use of GATs to control Aedes in UP is guided by Prof. Dina Fonseca, Rutgers University.

A unique feature of invasive Aedes mosquitoes is that they lay eggs in small water holding containers in people's gardens, yards, even inside the houses if given a chance. Only a community-based approach can work. Help us find out if UP has what it takes!
The Gravid Aedes Trap (GAT).
The GAT lures and kills Aedes females looking for a container to lay their eggs (see picture on the right). By killing the females before they lay the eggs you prevent mosquito populaMore photostions from building over the summer. Although the use of traps to kill egg laying females has been shown to decrease exposure to mosquito borne diseases (click here for info), this community-driven project is unique to University Park, Maryland. 
For complete printable Trap Instructions click here.

For more information about the Asian Tiger mosquito click here.

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