Moshe Yess Songs

Moshe Yess songs have always been heartfelt and full of meaning. From the early Megama years when Moshe Yess was just starting out as a Jewish musician until the very end of his career, Moshe Yess has put out one Jewish Hit song after another. With My Zaidy being his most famous of songs throughout his career, Mosh Yess has captivated audiences with his deep, rich, Johnny Cash style voice and meaningful lyrics. My Zaide was one of those songs that caused people of all ages to identify with the music of The Megama Duo and Moshe Yess. Although My Zeidy was performed before Jewish audiences across the world and recorded on numerous Moshe Yess Albums, there were many other Jewish songs that as a Jewish composer, he used to instill messages of hope, Jewish pride and identity. Many of the Moshe Yess songs released throughout his illustrious musical career have been re-recorded by other Jewish music recording artists. My Zaidy has also been performed by Jewish musical artists the world over. 

Moshe Yess
Another phenomenal song written by Moshe Yess called "The Angel Song" also known as "The Lord of Hosts" has been published in the song section of the Lubavitcher Benchers (the booklets used to say the grace after the Jewish Sabbath meal) A story of an angel that is sent on a mission by God to seek out the thing that He cherishes the most. Many Jews around the world sing this song weekly as part of a weekly repertoire of Jewish melodies and songs sung at the dinner table. 

Many people have requested that Moshe Yess music be published as a song book that people can use to further teach his music to the next generation of Jews. Although this is a task that require much work to be completed. Moshe Yess has contributed so much to the Jewish music scene that such a project is bound to come into fruition. With American-style English Jewish music being a staple now among his contemporaries, people often turn to the founder of this style of music for inspiration and to remember what made this American-style of Jewish music so popular to begin with. Moshe Yess was a pioneer in Jewish music and pretty much invented this style of Jewish music with The Megama Duo back in the late 1970's and early 1980's. The anniversary of Moshe Yess's passing will be coming up in less that two weeks. The Hebrew date of the 4th Shevat falls out on January 5th 2014 and as a way of commemorating his life and musical accomplishments, a popular song of his will be released for Free Download on the website his family established to commemorate his music career.

Many people are looking for Moshe Yess Albums and Megama Albums and most of them are available on his website: Under the menu section for the Moshe Yess discography. For more information on Moshe Yess or to request rights and permission to use Moshe Yess for your video production or Jewish music recording, please use the contact form found on the contact page of the above Moshe Yess website. Please note that Moshe Yess music is still subject to copyright laws and written permission from the Yess family is required to use his music and all rights are reserved.