ICSE 2014 Workshop

Modern Software Engineering Methods for Industrial Automation (MoSEMInA)

Modern industrial applications are based on complex and large scale software system.  While there have been tremendous progresses in the mainstream software engineering methods, these practices are not the norm in industrial applications, mainly due to the limited technological offerings.  We observed some ongoing efforts in the direction of applying software engineering principles in industrial control applications development; however, adoption has not reached to the same level of maturity as done in general purpose IT software systems development. The adoption brings a different set of challenges in the context of industrial control application because these systems are developed using varied domain specific languages (e.g. IEC61131-3 based programs) and proprietary platforms (SIMATIC, 800xA, DeltaV, etc.) and there is lack of right set of trainings for a systematic adoption of software engineering practice. Through the proposed workshop, we aimed to exchange new ideas / ongoing work in the direction of software engineering for industrial control applications.