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Mosdor Global Estates, Crude Oil Tanker
Mosdor Global Estates Ltd is a Global Estates and Finance Management Company. We offer real estate and petroleum product purchasing services worldwide. We assist our clients with high ticket real estate and petroleum product purchases. We offer financial support to our clients with the purchase of real estate, crude oil and other petroleum products.

Mosdor Global Estates was established on the principles of building solid relationships and providing outstanding service to our customers in the real estate and petroleum industry. Mosdor Global Estates Limited is in good standing worldwide. It is in full compliance with International finance and business laws.

Mosdor Global Estates, Real Estate
Mosdor Global Estates Limited has grown into a leader in the real estates, crude oil and other petroleum products marketing and transportation worldwide. As a privately held company, Mosdor Global Estates is committed to its focus on sound client service and growth principles.

We strive for a second to non client satisfaction service and for growth very deep into the oil and gas and real estate sectors in general and to become one of the recognized leaders in these industries.

If you require information on how we could work together for the benefit of your real estate or petroleum business contact us immediately.

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