UPDATE 4:  At the 81st General Assembly of the OPC (June 2014), the request of the overture from the Presbytery of the Northwest (and Presbytery of the Dakotas) to establish a committee to study republication was granted. You may read the report on the OPC website.

The paper, "A Booklet on Merit in the Doctrine of Republication," has now been published in updated form: Merit and Moses: A Critique of the Klinean Doctrine of Republication. This book is available from the publisher, Wipf and Stock, as well as Amazon.com (including a Kindle edition).   

UPDATE 3:  On September 26, 2013, a pre-presbytery conference (Presbytery of the Northwest, OPC) on the doctrine of republication was held at First OPC in Portland, Oregon.  The presbytery's information page with links to the entire audio and handouts may be found here:  PNW Republication Conference.  Below you will find a video of our PowerPoint presentation to the presbytery.   You may also watch it on YouTube.  In it, Randy Bergquist and Rob Van Kooten take the view that the Klinean formulation of the Mosaic covenant as a covenant of works is specifically a recent formulation that appears to be out of harmony with the Westminster Standards.  In the text of the presentation, a communication to the PNW from Rev. Marc Renkema is referenced.  That document is accessible here:  The Works-Merit Paradigm of Meredith G. Kline.  At the stated meeting of PNW, the following overture was adopted by the presbytery:  Overture to the 81st General Assembly of the OPC.

OPC-PNW Republication 2

UPDATE 2:  At the 2013 Spring Stated Meeting of the PNW, the special Committee for the Study of Republication submitted a report, a proposed overture, and recommended that presbytery set a time for theological discussion on the doctrine of republication.  We submitted a theological paper to the members of the presbytery for consideration: "A Booklet on Merit in the Doctrine of Republication."  A pre-presbytery discussion of the doctrine of republication will be held on September 26, 2013, at First OPC in Portland, Oregon.  If you wish to read the Committee's report and proposed overture (to be considered at the 2013 Fall Stated Meeting), they are accessible here:  Proposed Overture and Report.  

UPDATE 1:  At the 2012 Spring Stated Meeting of the PNW, the motion to approve our proposed overture was replaced with a substitute motion to establish a special committee which, in effect, serves the purpose of aiding our presbytery in studying and processing matters related to the issue of the doctrine of republication.  Thus, our overture is no longer before our presbytery at this time.  However, the doctrine of republication is still an issue before the presbytery, as it is the focus of the work of the special committee.  We still believe the points raised in the overture are worthy of further study and consideration.


This website has been created to provide resources for the members of the Presbytery of the Northwest (PNW), Orthodox Presbyterian Church, to aid them in studying issues related to an overture that has been proposed at the 2011 Fall Stated Meeting of the presbytery, and will be considered at the 2012 Spring Stated Meeting.  

The central issue being raised by the overture is the matter of the nature and substance of the Mosaic Covenant.  In 2009, The Law Is Not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant, was published by P&R and the aim of the book is to say "that the covenant of works is in some sense republished in the Mosaic covenant at Sinai" (Law Is Not of Faith, p. 6).  The Reformed tradition has understood the Westminster Standards to speak of two biblical covenants, a Covenant of Works with Adam and the Covenant of Grace, introduced after the fall of Adam that goes from Adam to Christ.  To affirm the doctrine that the covenant of Moses was in some sense a republication of the first covenant of works with Adam raises a number of issues related to the nature and substance of the Mosaic covenant, within the context of the Covenant of Grace.  In what sense exactly is the Covenant of Works republished in the Mosaic covenant?  These are complex issues and the overture with its accompanying grounds, seeks to highlight what appear to the authors of the overture to be matters of contradiction and confusion when one compares and contrasts this doctrine of republication with the confessional standards of the church.  The overture calls for the help of a General Assembly Study Committee of the OPC to study the doctrine of republication.

Please see the "Suggested Reading" list for further study of these matters.  We encourage you to purchase and read The Law is Not of Faith and then read the review articles, which will help you consider and evaluate the central matters related to the doctrine of republication.  The first two articles are shorter reviews of The Law Is Not of Faith which summarize the main issues.  The second two are larger reviews.  The last four are not reviews, but are related to the matters raised in the overture, in The Law Is Not of Faith, and its reviews. 

To contact us, please send an e-mail to mosaiccovenant@gmail.com.

-- Randy Bergquist, Andy Elam, and Rob Van Kooten