The work for the first edition of the MOSA magazine has started and if you want to be part of it please feel free. Jack Chirwa is the undisputed Chief Editor and I am the Compiler. I will compile whatever the Chief Editor has recomended for publication in this magazine. The magazine is due for the opening day of 2007. I have a preliminary list of sections for the magazine.

(1) Note from the Editor: MOSA's vision and mission statement.

(2) Letters to the Editor. (I am not sure if this section is neccessary since this is the first ever copy of this magazine.)

(3) Tridute; Mr. J. A. Freeburn. (Someone must take this up)

(4) Reunions (I think DJ Mzikayifani Mthombeni is best sub-editor here given the plethora of digital material he posses of the SA reunions. Also, Mzi is a good manager of intertainment.

(5) Current Affairs (Here we will ask the current head to give note on the current affair at school)

(6) Heads Corner (Here we will ask the current headboy/girl to write an article about life et al at in the present day Marist.

(7) Quotable Quotes (We have this already on the current school board, its just for laughs)

(8) Good Old days (Someone must take this up)

(9) Astronomy (I will do this article)

(10) Poetry Corner (Victor is the undisputed editor of this section)

(11) Sports (Herzilet is the undisputed editor of this corner)

You can come up with your own section and send your work to Jack Chirwa. I have a preliminary copy of the structure of the hardcopy. So guys, lets get the ball rolling.

We need sub-editors to take up the above sections which have no sub-editors and new ones who will come up with their own sections. Send articles to



Guys I am looking for Partners to Start an Information Technology Center at Marist Dete in 2011.
The center will offer
1 - Computer Training
2 - Computer Repairs
3 - Computer sales
4 - IT support for other schools
5 - Bulk printing and Photo copying
6 - Internet Cafe
Please note this will be like a business venture that will need proper registrations and negotiations with Marist and the Department of Education.
Why 2011 because as it is now every body is busy with plans for 2010 and again four years is enough time to change plans if things do not work out, and those of you who are still studying will be working by then.
Full project plan will be communicated to those willing to be part of this project with project summaries posted to this womderful forum.