photo by Lola Lach

 a member of

The Liberty Greys

6th Reg., 1st Div., Army of Northern Virginia

"Any fate but submission!"

“The War Between the States”  has remained as one of the most defining moments in our Nation’s ascendancy to its present stature.  It was an event characterized by acts of unrestrained courage, devotion to duty, and as often as not, a sense of honor reminiscent of the Knights of Old.  The history of that moment in time and the memory of all who served, both North and South, the personal sacrifices to their “last full measure of devotion”, still live within most Americans today.  We gentlemen and ladies, representing the great state of Tennessee, often refer to this conflict as the “War of Northern Aggression” while our opposite numbers call it “The War of Rebellion”.

As with all history, the truth of this epoch lies somewhere in between.

            To keep that history alive and to preserve the honor and memory of our forefathers, we, as living historians, come together to recreate portions of the battles they fought in defense of their ideals.  Our camp settings are designed to provide both the reenactor and the visitor with a truer sense of life back in the 1860's, imparting to them a greater awareness of the conditions under which those soldiers lived and died.  So, wake up to the Morning Gun, the smell of smoke from the cook-fires, and the sound of sizzling bacon, while distant bugles ring out with a profound clarity that can be felt deep in the chest.

Member of the 1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia

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