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Welcome to Portland Mortgage Broker! I’m a loan officer working for Geneva Financial, LLC, and I’ve created this site to be your premier source for information about how local loan rates in Portland and home values are being impacted by the challenges of legislation and housing market issues you hear about in the news. On this site, the first time home buyer will find everything they need to navigate through the purchasing process, while at the same time providing 2nd- and 3rd-time home buyers with more advanced information about the tax implications of various mortgage strategies they have available to them.

For most of us, our home generally represents the most expensive asset we will acquire over the course of our lifetimes. As many of us have seen, investor frenzy and “irrational exuberance” had thrust some markets to such impressive peaks that they really had no choice in 2007 but to fall aggressively back towards their long-term averages. Some say the Portland-Vancouver real estate markets may even be heading for another such peak and are even trying to persuade home buyers to wait for things to “come back down.” However, if you’re considering buying a home right now it’s critically important to keep in mind that the fundamental, underlying factors that contributed to the crash of 2007 are not found in today’s market. I do believe the market is due for a necessary cool-down, but will people who buy today in Portland regret it in 5 years? My professional opinion is that no, they will not regret it for even a second.

This Portland Mortgage Broker website is a place to find current information about local Portland mortgages and home prices from reputable sources such as CNBC, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, and Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen, as well as others. Nowhere else on the internet or in print can you find empowering local mortgage information all in one place. The fact remains that the national economic crisis of 2007-2012 has created a unique environment where mortgage rates on some products have dropped to 50-year lows. Of course, lending has also become more volatile and unforgiving now than it was before the crash so this only serves to highlight the importance of working with an informed, knowledgeable mortgage broker in Portland who can best advise you how to structure the mortgage for your house in Portland or the surrounding areas.

Now for the legalese. This Portland Mortgage Broker website is operated by me, Greg Downey. I am a local lending consultant for a Portland mortgage company, Geneva Financial, LLC. Our office is down in near the Sellwood bridge and I’d be honored if you’d stop by sometime. It is my hope that after educating yourself with the information on this site or by calling me, you will come to know me as a local lender who truly fights for your best interests. If you have any questions about what you’ve read here, please feel free to call me on my cell phone at 503.208.LEND(5363). Give me a call any time! I love talking about mortgages and the housing industry in Portland.

Please give me a call on my cell phone at 503.208.LEND(5363) to discuss your Portland area mortgage needs. I serve Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro/Aloha, Gresham, Tigard, Vancouver and the surrounding areas.

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