Thomas Mort born abt 1643 Tyldesley (1.20.)

Data 1.20. 

Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand
From the copy of the Marriage Certificate
    Marriage on May 24, 1884 at Pennington Congregational Church, Leigh
    Robert Schofield, age 22, Bachelor, Locomotive Engine Stoker residing Bag Lane, Atherton, father William Schofield, deceased Brewer
    Emma Parry, age 23, Spinster, residing Lime St. Tyldesley, father Edward Parry, coalminer
    In the presence of Robert Johnson and Ann Sutton
1881 Census for Tyldesley cum Shakerley Source: RG11/3810/38 page 3
24 Buston House John Hardman Head Mar 63 Manager at Cotton Mill Bolton
  Alice         " Wife Mar 60   Chorley
  Peter        " Son unm 21 Assistant Manager Cotton Mill Tyldesley
  Alice         " Dau unm 17   Tyldesley
  Emma Parry Servant unm 20 General Servant (Domestic) Mold, Flint
1891 Census for Middle Hulton Source: RG12/3099 folio38 page 22
94 Morris Green Lane Robt Schofield Head Mar 29 Foreman Ry Porter Bolton
  Emma        " Wife Mar 29         ?        Flintshire
  Elizbth       " dau   6 Scholar Tyldesley
  Edward       " son   4 Scholar Atherton
  Wm             " son   2 Scholar Middle Hulton
  Robt          " Son   4 days   Middle Hulton
Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand
From the copy of the Death Certificate
    Registration District Leigh, sub district Atherton
    Died Jun 12, 1897 at 118 Sale Lane, Tyldesley. Emma Schofield age 36 years, wife of Robert Schofield, Guard on a line of Railway.
    Cause of death: Rheumatic Fever-9 months, Heart Disease valvular-8 months, Dropsy 42 days.
    Informant: Robert Schofield, Widower of deceased, present at the death 118 Sale Lane, Tyldesley
Tyldesley Cemetery Records
    Robert Schofield child of Robert and Emma Schofield age 6 months of 94 Morris Green Lane, Middle Hulton buried Oct 17, 1891 plot 253
    Emma Schofield wife of Robert Schofield age 36 of 18 Sale Lane, Tyldesley buried Jun 15, 1897 plot 253
1901 Census for Tyldesley with Shakerley Source: RG13/3597 folio 37 page 7/8
67 Shakerley Rd Robert Schofield Head Wid 39 Railway Passenger Guard Bolton
  Elizabeth     " dau s 16   Tyldesley
  Edward       " son s 14 Cotton Scavenger Atherton
  William             " son s 12 Cotton Scavenger Daubhill
  Robt          " Son   5   Bolton
Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand
From the copy of the Marriage Certificate
    Marriage on Apr 10, 1915 at Parish Church of C/Paul, Monton, Lancs
    Edward Schofield, age 28, Bachelor, Collier of 39 Crawford St, father Robert Schofield, Railway Guard
    Martha Ann Armstrong, age 21, Spinster of 2 Pine Grove, father William Sinclair Armstrong, Miner
    In the presence of Daniel Davies and Elizabeth Schofield
Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand Jan 2008
Family stories tell us that Edward stowed away on a ship to America whilst
still in his mid teens but was found and swiftly returned to England. After
he and my Grandmother Martha Armstrong married, they came over to New
Zealand where he worked in the coal mines at a place called Huntly in the
North Island about two hours south of Auckland. I remember as a child
staying with them in the school holidays. He stayed at the mines for the
week, coming home on Friday nights and returning Sunday night. 
He was a very wiry person and had a cleft in his chin
that he told me came from a chip of flying coal. (wether that was true I
don't know. He was somewhat of a story teller.) He was a lovely person but
I never heard him talk of his family in England. My mother had heard he had
two sisters but that was all that was forthcoming from him when she
inquired. I just wish I had been more interested in Family History at the
time he was still with us. But I was a bit young then to be interested.
He died in 1967 and is buried at Huntly although they actually lived in
Hamilton a much bigger town about 40 minutes away. My grandmother had a lot
of her family there and she wanted him buried with them.
They had one son another William who worked on the railways over here as a
train driver and four daughters. They are all deceased now and between them
left 15 children. The Schofield name carried on with Williams two sons and
there sons.
Place of Registration: Huntley
When Died: 24 Sept 1967
Where Died: Waikato Public Hospital, Hamilton
Usual Res: 71 Seddon Rd, Hamilton
Name and Surname: Edward Schofield Male age 81
Occupation: Coal Miner
Cause of Death: Broncho pneumonia-1 wk, Coronary artery disease
Fathers name: Robert Schofield      Occupation Railway Signalman
Mothers name: Emma Schofield       Maiden name: Parry
When Buried: 26 Sept 1967             Where buried: Kimihia
Where born: Atherton, Lancasire, Eng
How long in N.Z. : 46
Where married: Atherton crossed through, Lancashire, Eng
Age married: 29
To whom married: Martha Ann Armstrong
Age of widow: No widow
Ages and sex Lic Iss: M51  F49,46,43,27
The Marriage Certificate for a wedding at St. Thomas's Church in Bedford on 29 Jan 1898
    William Schofield, age 19, Bachelor, Cotton piecer, residing at 48 Trafalgar St, Bedford, fathers name not included
    Margaretta Morgans, age 19, Spinster, Domestic Servant, residing at 17 Chapel St, Bedford, father William Morgans, Engine Driver
    In the presence of Arnold Schofield and Edward Marks
The Birth Certificate states
    Edward Schofield born Sep 25, 1898 at 151 Bag Lane, Atherton to parents William Schofield, Colliery Labourer
    and Margaretta Schofield formerly Morgans
An entry at Atherton Parish Church for a baptism to parents William Schofield and Margaretta, residing at 151 Bag Lane
    Edward, christened Dec 21, 1898, father Painter
The Monumental Inscriptions at Atherton Cemetry
    In loving memory of MARGARETTA, Wife of WILLIAM SCHOFIELD
    died Oct 17th 1909 aged 30 and was interred at GLYNN TAFF Cemetry S.W.
    Also EDWARD their son who died Dec 26th 1900 aged 2 years
    Also BENJAMIN their son who died June 20th 1910 aged 9 years
Atherton Cemetry Records for a burial on Jun 25, 1910 C of E section
    Benjamin Schofield, child, age 9, died at 219 Bag Lane, grave 1714/1
Atherton Cemetry Records for a burial on May 7 1923
    Sarah Ellen Mort, Widow, age 70, died at 219 Bag Lane, grave 1714/2
The Death Certificate of Sarah Ellen Mort
     Died May 2, 1923 age 70 years at 219 Bag Lane, widow of Henry Mort, agricultural labourer
     Thomas Schofield, son, present at the death, residing at 8 Collard St, Atherton
Mary Hatton born Feb 5, 1877 Morton Fold, Westhoughton died 1936 at 8 Collard St, Atherton
My grandfather Thomas Schofield also died at 8 Collard St. My father, mother and myself lived at 8 Collard St.
1901 Census for Atherton Source: RG13/3596 folio 21 page 33
219 Bag Lane Sarah Ellen Schofield Head single 38 Frame tenter in cotton mill Bolton
  Thomas Schofield brother single 25 Plate layer on railway Atherton
Note: although this is a true representation of the census return only the facts about my grandfather Thomas Schofield are true. Sarah Ellen was his mother and about 50.
Marriage at The Wesleyan Chapel, King St, Leigh from the Marriage Certificate on Oct 19, 1904
    Thomas Schofield age 28 years, Bachelor, Railway Platelayer, residing 219 Bag Lane, Atherton
    Mary Hatton age 27 years, Spinster residing 245 Bag Lane, Atherton father James Hatton, Coal Dealer
    In the space for grooms father it says Does not know, never knew, and for profession says Does not know
    In the presence of Benjamin Croft and Alice Croft