Thomas Mort born abt 1643 Tyldesley (1.19.)

Data 1.19. 

The Marriage Certificate states that a marriage on Apr 13, 1846 at Newchurch Parish Church
    William Scholfield, of age, bachelor, Servant, residing in Worsley in Eccles, father James Scholfield, Nailmaker
    Elizabeth Mort, of age, spinster, residing Kenyon, father Thomas Mort, Railway Policeman
    In the presence of John Sutton and Paul Mort
An entry for a baptism at Newchurch by Culcheth to parents William Schofield and Elizabeth, residing in Kenyon
    Robert, christened 30 Aug 1846
1851 Census for Lostock Source: Bolton Library
1 Heaton St William Schofield Head Mar 27 Gate keeper at the Railway Atherton
  Elizabeth    " Wife Mar 26    
  Paul         " Son   2    
  Sarah Ellen    " Dau   6 months    
  Thomas Sutton Lodger unm 27 Porter at Railway Culcheth
Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand
From the copy of the Birth Certificate
    Paul Schofield, born Jan 14, 1849 to parents William Schofield and Elizabeth formerly Mort, father Policeman, of 1 Heaton St, Great Bolton
    Note: see Paul Schofield and Elizabeth
The Birth Certificate for a Birth in the Registration District of Bolton, sub district Eastern Bolton
    Sarah Ellen Schofield, born Oct 24, 1850 at Heaton St, Great Bolton to parents William Schofield, Labourer and Elizabeth Schofield formerly Mort
An entry in Atherton Parish Church Registers for Baptisms states:
12 Sept 1869 Sarah Ellen daughter of William and Elizabeth Schofield of Atherton, Brewer
12 Sept 1869 Thomas son of William and Elizabeth Schofield of Atherton, Brewer
1861 Census for Great Bolton ecc district of Holy Trinity Source: RG9/2828 folio 86
9 Taylor St William Schofield Head Mar 36 Brewer Chowbent
  Elizabeth    " Wife Mar 35 Shopkeeper Bury Lane
  Paul         " Son   12 Labourer in Iron Foundry Bolton
  Sarah E       " Dau   10   Bolton
  Thomas      " Son   8   Bolton
  Thomas Sutton Boarder unm 33 Labourer on Railway Culcheth
  George Haddock Boarder unm 23 Labourer in Iron Foundry Aston, CHS
  Thomas Lowton Boarder unm 16 Railway Clerk Leigh
  Thomas Hardman Boarder unm 17 Railway Clerk Bedford
Information supplied by Joycelyn e-mail living in New Zealand
From the copy of the Death Certificate
    Registration District Bolton, sub district Bolton Eastern
    William Schofield, age 38 years died May 13, 1864 at Venture St, Great Bolton. Labourer in foundry, cause of death falling from a scaffold.
    Information received from John Tayor, Coroner for Bolton. Inquest held May 13, 1864
1871 Census for Atherton Source: Leigh Library
293 Bag Lane Thomas Sutton Head Mar 45 Railway Brakesman Culcheth
  Elizabeth     " Wife Mar 45       "
  Sarah E    " Dau   20 F. Operative Bolton
  Thomas     " Son   18 Collier     "
  Robert       " Son   9 Scholar     "
  Arnold     " Son   7     "     "
An entry in Bolton Parish Church Registers for a marriage on Sep 23, 1866 states:
    Thomas Sutton, age 39 Bachelor, Labourer, residing at Venture St, father Robert Sutton, labourer
    Elizabeth Scofield, age 40, Widow, residing at Venture St, father Thomas Mort, Pointsman
    In the presence of Ellen Bradshaw
An entry in Atherton Parish Church Registers for a marriage on 5 June, 1875 states:
    James Bates age 50 Widower, Striker residing in Atherton, father James Bates deceased Labourer
    Elizabeth Sutton age 50 Widow residing in Atherton, father Thomas Mort Labourer
    In the presence of Ellen Bradshaw
An entry at St. Bartholemews, Westhoughton for a marriage on 9 June 1873 states:
    Henry Mort, age 19, bachelor, Railway Servant, residing in Westhoughton, father James Mort, deceased Silk Weaver
    Sarah Ellen Schofield, age 22, Spinster residing in Westhoughton, father William Schofield, deceased brewer
    In the presence of James Roylance and Rachel Bradshaw
A copy of the marriage certificate has the signatures of the Bride and Bridegroom. Could be useful for comparison to later documents.
1881 Census for Atherton Source: Leigh Library RG11/3809 folio 22
227 Bag Lane Elizabeth Sutton Head Widow 56   Glazebury
  Sarah E Schofield Dau unm 30 Operative Cotton Frame Tenter Bolton
  Robert        " Son unm 19 General Labourer     "
  Arnold        " Son unm 17 Coal Miner     "
  Thomas      " Grandson   5 Scholar Atherton
  William       " Grandson   2   Atherton
  Thomas Lee Boarder Wid 44 Coal Miner Atherton
  Alfred      " Boarder unm 17 General Labourer Atherton
  John Close Scott Boarder unm 17 Coal Miner Liverpool
Details on the Birth Certificates:
    Thomas Schofield born Dec 17, 1875 at Bag Lane, Atherton, mother Sarah Ellen Schofield, a Cotton Frame Tenter, father not named
    William Schofield born Jan 19, 1879 at 234 Bag Lane, Atherton, mother Sarah Ellen Schofield, Cotton Frame Tenter, father not named
An entry in Atherton Parish Church registers for a baptism on 10 Dec 1879
    William son of Sarah Ellen Schofield of 234 Bag Lane, no father stated
1891 Census for Atherton Source: Leigh Library RG12/3090 folio 35
227 Bag Lane Elizabeth Sutton Head Widow 70 Sick Mid wife Glazebury
  Sarah E Schoffield Boarder Single 40 Frame Tenter Cotton Bolton
  Thomas Schoffield Boarder       " 15 Scavenger Cotton Atherton
  William Schofield Boarder       " 12         " Atherton
  Patrick McHugh Boarder       " not known Coal Miner Ireland
  George Halliday Boarder        " 27 Coal Miner Stockport
Monumental Inscriptions at Newchurch, Culcheth
    Thomas Valentine Schofield, age 19
    Killed Lovers Lane Colliery
    Mar 28, 1872
    Thomas Sutton, age 45
    Killed on L & NW Railway
    Feb 7, 1873
    Elizabeth Sutton, wife of Thomas Sutton, age 72
    Nov 4, 1897
From a book at Leigh Library about Athertons Major Pits.
    The Coal Pits of Chowbent is a history of coalming seen through the fortunes of Atherton, a small town in the heart of the Lancashire coalfield.
    It is also the story of Fletcher Burrows and Company, an unusually progressive and caring enterprise which worked all the coal seams within
    the town's boundaries. Death and maiming injury were common companions for miners in Victorian times and a grim toll of mining accidents at the
    Atherton pits is recorded, including the disaster of 1872 when 27 men and boys were killed in an explosion at Lovers Lane Colliery.
    Included in the list of dead: Thomas Schofield, age 19, dataller of The Ashes, Atherton
The Leigh Chronicle Newspaper dated Feb 8,  1873 headlined "Serious Railway Collision Near Atherton: Two men Killed"
    A collision, resulting in the death of two men and the destruction of a considerable amount of rolling stock, occurred on the London and North
    Western Railway Company's line, between Atherton and Chequerbent Stations, yesterday morning. It appears that early in the morning, about
    five o'clock, an engine employed for the carrying of coal up the incline had taken four trucks of coal and a break-van from Messrs. Fletchers
    colliery, and left them on a siding at Chequerbent, and gone back for other trucks to make up a train of coal-laden trucks for Bolton. The break-van,
    which was nearly new, could not have been properly locked, as soon after a coal train from Chequerbent started off for Atherton, the coal trucks 
    broke looseand followed it with increasing rapidity, overtaking it about a third of a mile from the Atherton Station. The crash was terrific. As no 
    break-van is attached to the goods train between Chequerbent and Atherton Thomas Sutton, the breaksman, and John Whitfield, banksman, 
    were riding on the buffers of the hindmost truck, and must have been killed instantaneously on the collision taking place.
    The collision took place at twenty minutes past five o'clock - the time at which the watch in the pocket of the unfortunate man Sutton was found to 
    have stopped - and owing to a fog that prevailed it was very dark.. The poor fellows could therefore not perceive the coal trucks following them, 
    while the noise of the engine in front would prevent their hearing any noise behind.  This circumstance will account for their not having saved
    themselves by jumping off the buffers previous to the collision taking place. Thomas Sutton was a married man and had a step-son killed by the
    explosion in the Atherton Colliery some months since.
A week later the newspaper headlined "The fatal collision near Atherton"
    The inquest upon the bodies of Thomas Sutton age 44 of Westhoughton and John Whitefield aged 20 of Atherton, who were killed on Friday
    in a collision on the Bolton and Kenyon branch of the London and North Western Railway as fully reported last week. Elizabeth Sutton was the first
    witness called. She was greatly affected, and deposed that the deceased man Sutton was her husband, and lately resided at the Ashes, 
    Westhoughton. The Jury, after some consultation, returned a verdict of "Accidental Death"
1871 Census for Monks Coppenhall, Crewe Source: 
65 Mill St William Mort Head Mar 37 Inspector of Railway Bury Lane
  Sarah    " Wife Mar 38   Chowbent
  George  " Son unm 18 Platelayer Bolton
  Harriet Ellen   " Dau   8   Cheshire, Monks Coppenhall
  Mary Elizabeth   " Dau   11   Cheshire, Monks Coppenhall
  Paul Shofield Nephew unm 21 Labourer Bolton
1881 Census for Church Coppenhall Source: RG11/3539 folio 110 page 33
Henry St Paul Schofield Head Mar 38 Plasterer and Slater Bolton
  Elizabeth     " Wife Mar 38   Nantwich, Cheshire
  Elizabeth E    " dau   7 Scholar Crewe, Cheshire
1891 Census for Church Coppenhall Source: RG12/2849 folio 89 page 19
14 Church St Paul Schofield Head Mar 46 Plasterer Bolton
  Elizabeth     " Wife Mar 48 Tailoress Nantwich
  Elizabeth     " dau single 17 Tailoress Monks Coppenhall
  William      " son   8 Scholar Monks Coppenhall
1901 Census for Monks Coppenhall Source:RG13/      folio 89 page 11
43 Princess St Paul Schofield Head Mar 55 Plasterer employer Bolton
  Elizabeth     " Wife Mar 57   Nantwich, Cheshire
  William      " son   18 Drapers Assistant Crewe, Chester