Thomas Mort born abt 1643 Tyldesley (1.17.)

Data 1.17. 

1871 Census for Rumworth Source: RG10/3921 folio 85 page 33
Jones St John Mort Head Mar 27 Railway Breaksman Kenyon
Daubhill Sarah    " Wife Mar 27   Bury
  Ellen     " Dau   4   Bolton
  Joseph  " Son   1   Bolton
1881 Census for Great Bolton Source: FHL Film 1341918     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3842    Folio 9    Page 12
44 High St John Mort Head Wid 36 Set man coal Kenyon Junction
  Joseph   " Son   12 Scholar Bolton
  Ellen       " Dau   14 Cotton Spinner    "
  Paul        " Son   7 Scholar    "
To do: Birth Certificate of Joseph or Paul to give mothers name.
               Marriage Certificate of John Mort and Susan Porey
1891 Census for Middle Hulton Source: RG12/3099 folio 54 see Photocopy of Original entry
12 Haynes St John Mort Head Mar 46 Breaksman Railway Kenyon
  Susan     " Wife Mar 42 Housewife Gatesheath, CHS
  Joseph   " Son single 22 Colliery Banksman Bolton
  Paul        " Son single 18 Brakesman Railway    "
  Wm Porey Son   13 Coal Picker Westhoughton
  Jono    " Son   10 Scholar Gatesheath, CHS
1901 Census for Bolton Source: RG13/3603 folio 161page 22
85 Morris Green Lane Paul Mort Head Mar 27 Collier set man above ground Bolton
  Hannah  " Wife Mar 27 Housewife Bolton
According to Lynda Johnston e-mail
    Ellen married John Ernest Sanders Dec 29, 1888. Ellen was the daughter of John Mort and Sarah Tordoff
    They had children Mary b. 1889, William b. Mar 14, 1890, Thomas b. 1893, Paul b. 1895, Joseph b. 1897, Albert b. 1899 and Frederick 
    William married Dec 31, 1916 St Marlebone, London to Eva Beatrice Copeland (b. Mar 31, 1888 Burton on Trent d. Nov 1, 1957) and he died Aug 1970 Burton on Trent
    They had children Raymond b. Nov 20, 1918 and Dorothy Betty b. Apr 13, 1924
    Dorothy Betty married Ralph Hughes Nov 18, 1944 at Tutbury, Staffs and they had children Margaret and Lynda. Lynda married Paul Johnston
According to Lynda Johnston e-mail
    John Mort and Sarah Tordoff were married May 19, 1864 Bury from the Marriage Certificate
    Ellen was born May 9th 1866 in Bolton, parents John and Sarah Mort (nee Tordoff) from the Birth Certificate
    Ellen Mort and John Ernest Sanders had a child Paul Sanders. He married Ethel Maud Farrington.
    Paul and Ethel had a child John Ernest who married Lucy Reddington.
    John Ernest and Lucy had a child Stephen Thomas who married Kathleen Charnock and they are the parents of Mark
From the Marriage Certificate
    Marriage solemnized at the Register Office in Bolton on the 29 Dec 1888
    John Ernest Sanders, age 33, Widower, Ironworker of 37 Rigby St, Great Bolton, father William Sanders, labourer
    Ellen Mort, age 23 years, spinster of 37 Rigby St, Great Bolton, father John Mort, Railway Pointsman
From the Birth Certificate
    Birth in the sub district of Great Bolton
    Where and when born: Mar 15, 1890 at 6 Wylde St
    William son of John Ernest Sanders and Ellen Sanders formerly Mort, father shingler in iron forge of 6 Wylde St, Great Bolton, registered Apr 19, 1890
1901 Census for Bolton Source:  RG13/3627 folio 94 page 26
28 Emmanuel St John E Sanders Head Mar 45 Hingler Iron Works Dumbarton, Staffs
  Ellen       " Wife Mar 34   Bolton
  Mary A   " Dau   12 Employed at Cotton ill Bolton
  William    " Son   11 School Bolton
  Thomas  " Son   7 School Bolton
  Paul       " Son   5 School Bolton
  Joseph   " Son   3 School Bolton
  Albert     " Son   1   Bolton
From a newspaper cutting Aug 1970 
The late Mr W Sanders
    The death occurred at Burton District Hospital Centre of Mr William Sanders of 75 Heath Way, Hatton, aged 80 years. 
St Bartholemews Marriage Registers for 5 Dec 1847 states:
     Richard Bradshaw of full age, residing in Atherton, father John Bradshaw, Labourer
     Ellen Mort, of full age, residing in Atherton , father Thomas Mort, Police man
1851 Census for Atherton Source: Preston Records Office
Alderfold Richard Bradshaw Head Mar 23   Skelmersdale
  Ellen       " Wife Mar 23   Culcheth
  Mary Ellen    " Dau   ? months   Atherton
Atherton Parish Church Registers for Baptisms to Richard Bradshaw and Ellen:
     Mary Ellen, christened July 7, 1850 father Carder
     Margaret, christened Dec 5, 1852 father Carder
     Robert, christened Mar 22, 1857 father Carder
     Rachel, christened Sept 19, 1858 father Overlooker
     William, christened July 13, 1862 father Overlooker
     Margery, christened July 13, 1862 father Overlooker
     Joseph, christened Sep 30, 1866 father Mechanic
     Elizabeth Ann, christened Sep 27, 1868 father Mechanic
1881 Census for Great Lever Source: FHL Film 1341920     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3848    Folio 47    Page 26
111 Weston St John Spencer Head Mar 34 Spinner Cotton Bolton
  Margaret    " Wife Mar 28 Tenter Cotton Atherton
  Thomas     " Son   6 Scholar Bolton
  Philip         " Son   2   Bolton
  William Bradshaw Bro in Law unm 19 Piecer Cotton Atherton
  Marjory       " Sis in Law unm 20 Tenter Cotton Atherton
  Richard       " Bro in Law unm 17 Groom Atherton
  Joseph       " Bro in Law   15 Piecer Cotton Atherton
  Elizabeth A  " Sis in Law   13 Setter on Cotton Atherton
A marriage at Newchurch in Culcheth on Jan 10, 1869
    James Mort, age 19, Bachelor, Clerk residing at Kenyon, father Thomas Mort, Pointsman
    Harriet Newbery, age 16, Spinster residing Twist Green, father Samuel Newbery, Manager
    Both signed in the presence of Arnold Mort and Margaret Bradshaw
1851 Census for Kenyon Source: Preston Records Office
Broseley Bridge Thomas Mort Head Mar 45 Railway Police Bedford, Lancs
Rail House Ellen       " Wife Mar 46   Bedford, Lancs
  Rachel    " Dau   12 Scholar Kenyon
  Mary Ann   " Dau   9        "
  John      " Son   7        "
  Arnold    " Son   5        "
  James   " Son   1        "
1861 Census for Kenyon Source: Wigan History Shop
Broseley Hall Thomas Mort Head Mar 55 Pointsman on Railway Bedford
  Ellen       " Wife Mar 56   Bedford
  James   " Son   11 Scholar Kenyon
A marriage at Abram St John on Jan 14, 1878
    James Mort, of age, Widower, Station Master residing Hindley Green in Abram, father Thomas Mort, Signal man
    Frances Smith, of age, Spinster of Abram, father James Smith, Bricklayer
1881 Census for Hindley Source: FHL Film 1341902     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3771    Folio 83    Page 32
1 Clay Hole Robert Taylor Head Mar 30 Coal Miner Wigan
off Leigh Rd Rachel A   " Wife Mar 28   Hindley
  Thomas     " Son   2   Hindley
  Mary Alice Lowe Visitor unm 24 Bobbin ruler in Cotton Mill Hindley
  Jane Taylor Dau   3 days   Hindley
  James Mort Lodger Mar 29 Railway Station Master Kenyon
1881 Census for Westhoughton Source: FHL Film 1341913     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 3821    Folio 36    Page 17
Blue Lion Ellen Smith Head Mar 54 Inn Keeper Aspull
1 Lower Leigh Rd James  " Son unm 19 Bricklayer Aspull
  Ellen     " Dau   17 Pupil Teacher Aspull
  Harry   " Son   15 Bricklayer Aspull
  Frances Mort Dau Mar 24 Domestic Servant Aspull
  Ellen     " Grand dau   3   Hindley
  Elizabeth E Baxter Grand dau   2   Westhoughton
1891 Census for Hindley Green Source: RG12/3057 folio 113
15 Thomas St Jane Prescott Head Wid 38   Hindley
  Mary Alice   " Dau    12 Scholar Hindley
  Kate            " Dau    8   Hindley
  John Thomas  " Son   19 Coal Miner Hindley
  Charles            " Son   14 Coal Miner Hindley
  Harry           " Son   6 Scholar Hindley
  James Mort Boarder Mar 39 Railway Agent Kenyon
1891 Census for Hindley Source: RG12/3059 folio 91
4 & 5 Wigan Rd Charles E Durrie Head Mar 38 Tailor and Draper Hindley
  Elizabeth     " Wife Mar 40   Hindley
  James         " Son   14   Hindley
  Catherine    " Dau   12   Hindley
  Arthur         " Son   10   Hindley
  Charles       " Son   2   Hindley
  Cathrine     " Mother Wid 77   Leigh
  Frances Mort Visitor   33   Aspul
1851 Census for Kenyon Source: Preston Records Office
Broseley Bridge Thomas Mort Head Mar 45 Railway Police Bedford, Lancs
Rail House Ellen       " Wife Mar 46   Bedford, Lancs
  Rachel    " Dau   12 Scholar Kenyon
  Mary Ann   " Dau   9        "
  John      " Son   7        "
  Arnold    " Son   5        "
  James   " Son   1        "
1861 Census for Kenyon Source: Wigan History Shop
Morris's Farm John Widdows Head Mar 60 Farmer of 24 acres Billinge
Back Lane Sarah       " Wife Mar 56   Newton in Makerfield
  Alice Pimblett Serv unm 29 House servant Hindley
  Joseph Leatherbarrow Serv unm 17 Farm Servant Culcheth
  Arnold Mort Serv   14 Farm Servant Kenyon
1871 Census for Kenyon Source: Wigan History Shop
Morts Cottage Thomas Mort Head Mar 66 Railway Pointsman Bedford
Kenyon Junction Ellen       " Wife Mar 66   Bedford
  Arnold    " Son   23 Farm Labourer Kenyon
  Elizabeth   " Grand dau   12 Scholar Liverpool
Arnold Mort does not appear on the 1881 Census for Lancashire