Thomas Mort born abt 1643 Tyldesley (1.1.)

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A marriage at Leigh on Oct 7, 1663 (IGI)
   Thomas Mort and Bridget Lee
Baptism Records to parents Thomas Mort and Bridget Lee (IGI) at Leigh
    Arnold chr Jan 15, 1664 of Tyldesley
    Robert chr Sep 22, 1667 of Astley
    James chr May 1, 1670 of Tyldesley
    John chr Jun 30, 1672 of Tyldesley
Bishop Transcripts of Leigh Parish Church 
    James son of Thomas Mort of Tyldesley christened May 1, 1670
    John son of Thomas Mort of Tyldesley christened Jun 30, 1672. Also on the same day Ellen dau of Ralph Mort of Tyldesley
  Note: does this mean that Thomas and Ralph are related or just a coincidence they had their children christened on the same day.
Baptism Records of Leigh Parish Church published by the LPRS 1625-1700
    Arnold son of Thomas Mort of Tyldesley chr Jan 15, 1664/65
Burial Records of Leigh Parish Church published by the LPRS 1625-1700
    Bridget Mort wife of Thomas Mort buried June 11, 1681 of Astley
    Thomas Mort buried Jan 20, 1689/90 of Astley
According to Lunn's History of Astley
Lambert Scott, 1688
    Lambert died in June, 1688: forewith the widow Margaret married again. Thomas Mort was the second husband, but he too died January 18, 1689.
    so that she was widowed twice in seven months. Lambert left no heir for the Scott inheritance and was succeeded by his brother Jeremiah. Thomas
    Mort had along with John Rogerson purchased one half of a messuage from Jeremiah, which property, unnamed he gave to his eldest son Arnold Mort:
    but he was to pay £60 for the benefit of the younger children, his brothers and sisters. Mort did not live at Scott House: it is clear that he inhabited a cottage
    with three acres of land, which he says he bought from whiteawyer Adam Mather of Croston. Mort was akin to that tanner family, which lived at Tan Pits
    in Tyldesley and part of his wealth came from leather tanning. He left £141 and appointed Henry Mort of Astley to be his executor.
    Two items emerge from his list, a clogging knife, clog nails and tools for making clogs. On his three acres were five cows and a grey gelding. It is by Lambert's
    will that the history of Scott house is carried to the turn of the century, that sad time when these Scott yeoman of great and honorable descent ceased for
    ever to be identified with the tenement, which is their old memorial to this day.
Note: the marriage of Thomas Mort and Margaret Scott does not appear in the IGI
Extracted from the will of Thomas Mort proved Feb 8, 1689
Long parchment inventory dated Feb 8, 1689 total value £140-15s-03d
    In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Mort of Astley in the county of Lancaster, yeoman being sick and weak in body, 
    but of sound and perfect mind and memory. First I do hereby constitute and make my loving neighbours and trusty and well beloved friends
    Henry Mort of Tildesley and Joseph Langley of Astley Exors. And do nominate desire Margaret my loving wife to be overseer, messuage and tenement
    with appertances situate lying and being in Astley as I am purchased thereof with John Rogerson of Astley yeoman from Jeremiah 
    Scott brother and heir of Lambert Scott deceased and Margaret Scott widow and relict of the said Lambert Scott and now wife of me the
    said Thomas Mort. Unto Arnold Mort my son and his heirs and asignes for ever provided the full sum of three score pounds for the use of
    my younger children, also three acres of land by purchase from Adam Mather of Croston, Lancs. Margaret my said wife shall receive 
    £20. I do give unto Robert Mort and Anne Mort my two youngest children the several sum of ten pounds a piece. All my just debts and
    funeral expenses being first deducted shall be equally distributed unto James, John the said Robert and Anne Mort my younger
    children share and share alike set my hand Jan 18, 1689
Note: Who is the Henry Mort of Tyldesley Executor as he is listed as a friend and neighbour. If a relationship between these two Morts existed it  
             isn't stated. Why? 
             It appears that Henry Mort is the son of Hugh Mort and husband of Anne Hindley. His will of 1705 states Henry Mort of Tyldesley, Tanner
Baptism Records to parent James Mort (IGI) Leigh
    John christened Aug 3, 1693 Astley Note: see John Mort and Ann Lythgoe
    Arnold christened Nov 23, 1697 Astley Note: see Arnold Mort and Ellen Cowplin
    Elizabeth christened Jan 26, 1699
    Bridgett christened Aug 2, 1702 Note: see Bridget Mort and Samuel Newton
    James christened Dec 28, 1704
Baptism Records of Leigh Parish Church published by the LPRS 1625-1700
    Arnold son of James Mort of Astley christened Nov 23, 1697 
    Elizabeth daughter of James Mort of Astley christened Jan 26, 1699
Baptism Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Bridgett daughter of James Mort of Astley christened Aug 2, 1702 at Leigh Parish Church
    James son of James Mort of Astley christened Dec 28, 1704 at Leigh Parish Church (not in the Bishops Transcripts)
Burial Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Thomas son of James Mort of Astley buried Apr 23, 1706 Leigh Parish Church
According to Lunn's History of Astley
Yeoman Rogerson, 1704
    John Rogersons farm covering eight acres was partly let to his daughter Ann, wife of John Guest. The other part he kept himself. On October 1, 1688
    Rogerson had joined with Thomas Mort to aquire from Jeremiah Stott the freehold of an Astley Cottage, where in 1704 the tennents where schoolmaster Richard
    Starkey and bricklayer Ralph Simister. One of Rogerson's daughters had married a Mort, had left young children - John, Bridget and Elizabeth, and their aunt Ann
    was to keep them until they were able to fend for themselves. But after the death of Rogerson's wife Eve they were to live in the south end of the house, that
    part now occupied by Joseph Wright, tailor, and live there with the right to draw water and lay clothes on the hedge. To set John the better up in the world he was
    to have the rents of two fields and on suceeding to his grandmother's share he was to pay £20 to each of the sisters. Another gift to John was a bed and the son-in-law
    Guest had 20s a year to educate his children, Richard and Ann. These were complex directions for a small estate of £44 to satisfy. One of the valuers of the goods was
    Samuel Stockton, who himself owed Rogerson 18s 9d.
Note: there is enough evidence in this report of the Will of John Rogerson made in 1704 to indicate that the children John, Bridget and Elizabeth are the children of James Mort.
     In which case the son Arnold chr Nov 23, 1697 must have died young before 1704
    The mention of a Thomas Mort who aquired the freehold of a cottage with John Rogerson would have been the husband of Bridget Lee, and father of James Mort,
    and later to be the husband of the widow of Lambert Scott (Stott).
From the will of John Rogerson, the original at Lancashire Records Office
John Rogerson of Astley, Leigh, yeoman Nov 19, 1708
    In the name of God amen, this twenty third day of March in the fourth year of ye reign of our sovereign Lady Queen Anne 1704. I John Rogerson of Astley being of good and 
    perfect memory, my dwelling house, and lands belonging eight acres of land to An my daughter and John Guest her husband…said John (Rogerson) and Thomas Mort
    of Astley lately deceased as by a further deed dated Ist October 1688. I give to Eve my now beloved wife during the term and time of her natural life. To Ann and John Guest
    upon the condition that do maintain and keep her two daughters Bridget and Elizabeth lodgings, apparell until they be able to maintain themselves. Item as for that part of ye
    aforesaid land that hath for several years last part been in my own possession being two fields commonly called the higher and lower meadow. I do hereby do give and 
    bequeath unto my Eve with full power and authority until John Mort my grandson shall attain the age of one and twenty. Item ye said John Mort fortune to marry and dy and
    leave no child or children lawfully begotten and shall only give or pay unto her this wife only her portion which she brought in full justification of her dower. The John Mort
    my grandson shall give and pay his sister Bridget Mort the sum of twenty pounds for as soon as she shall marry or attain the age of twenty one, and pay unto her sister
    Elizabeth the same. If Bridget and Elizabeth shall both dy and leave no child or children then the aforesaid house and housing lands to my grandson Richard Guest and shall
    give unto his sister Ann the sum of forty pounds. If Ann dy without issue then the house, cottage aforesaid to the rightful heirs of me John Rogerson and to ye right heirs of
    ye Thos Mort forever to be equally divided between them. I do hereby give and bequeath unto my grandchildren Bridget and Elizabeth Mort ye south end of ye aforesaid
    dwelling house where their mother now liveth. 
    I do hereby constitute and make my trusty and well beloved friends Peter Hindley of Astley labourer and John Mort of Bedford shoemaker the lawful executors of this my last
    will and testament.
Note added to the will in latin indicates that probate granted to Petrus Hindley and Joannes Mort Nov 19, 1708