Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.9)

Data 15.9.

Hindley Parish Church Registers
A marriage on May 23, 1719
     Roger Rigby and Hannah Mort both of Atherton, husband F. Maker
Extracted from Lunn's History of Atherton
The New Bent Chapel, Apr 23 1722
    When Richard Atherton's steward turned the dissenters out from their small brick edifice, it became necessary to find other meeting space until the time  the
    new chapel on Nathan Mort's land was ready. Roger Rigby on the day above wrote to the Quarter Sessions at Ormskirk and petioned that his dwelling house
    at Atherton might be licensed.
The Estate Survey of 1734
    This magnificant tome gives, asit title shows, a full survey of Atherton in this year. It is the most important record preserved among the Lilford muniments. It
    gives the name of each tenant and the size of his holding. Among the better off tenants on the estate were Mr Roger Rigby and Mr Adam Mort.
Baptism Records to parent Roger Rigby (IGI) of Atherton
    John christened Feb 23, 1721
    John christened Dec 25, 1739
    Robert christened Jan 31, 1741
    Mary christened Apr 1, 1741
    Mary christened Apr 3, 1744
    William christened Mar 21, 1745
    James christened Oct 28, 1747
    Robert christened Feb 4, 1749
    Margaret christened Feb 21, 1752
    Roger christened Apr 13, 1760 of Westhoughton
Birth Records to parents Adam Mort and Margaret Maudesley (IGI)
    Thomas born 1646 Note: see the Will of Thomas Mort proved Jul 29, 1736
    Robert born abt 1647
    Adam born abt 1649
    Alexander born Jan 27, 1649
    Alexander born abt 1651
A christening to parents Adam Mort and Margaret Maudeseley (IGI) of Tyldesley
    Alexander Mort christened Jan 27, 1650
A christening at Eccleston by Chorley (IGI) to parent Adam Mort
    Alexander Mort christened Jan 27, 1650
A marriage at Liverpool on Jun 18, 1705 (IGI)
    Alexander Mort and Elizabeth Wright
Baptism Records to parents Alexander Mort and Elizabeth Wright (IGI)
    Mary christened Oct 20, 1706
Baptism Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Mary daughter of Alexander Mort, gent of Tyldesley christened Oct 20, 1706
Extracted from the book "Lancashire Papists Estates, Part 11, 1717" published by Record Society of Lancashire and Cheshire No 108
In Wiggan Parish, Messuage let to Alexander Mort for lives of himself, Elizabeth his wife, and Robert Maudesley, Governor of the
Isle of Man at 6s rent: consideration £1. 1s. 6d.
Also in Wigan, a long list of Messuages and tenements let out and mortgaged to Thomas Mort Esq, Bertie Entwistle esq, Ralph and John Markland, 
gents Dec 25, 1701 and assigned to William Baldwin Esq
Note: Alexander (1649-1721 and the son of Adam Mort and Margaret Mawdesley), and Robert Mawdesley (1662-1723 and Governor of the Isle of Man) were 1st cousins
Burial Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Buried on Apr 20, 1709 Mrs Elizabeth Mort wife of Mr Alexander Mort and Margret his daughter, buried at Astley Chappel, both in one coffin.
        The Bishops Transcripts gives Elizabeth wife Mr Alexander Mort only.
    Buried on Aug 10, 1721 Mr Alexander Mort of Astley
Extracted from the Admon held at Lancashire Records Office
Elizabeth Mort of Damhouse 1709 Jun 3 Admon
The condition of this obligation is such that the above bounden Alexander Mort husband and Administrator of all and singular the goods and
and credits of Elizabeth Mort late… to exhibit unto the Registry of Chester before 4th day of August next
signed by Alexander Mort and Peter Chaddock
Extracted from the original Will held at Lancashire Records Office
Alexander Mort of Damhouse in Tyldesley, Gentleman 1737, Oct 18
In the name of God Amen the twentieth day of March in the year of our Lord God one thousand sevenhundred and eighteen, I
Alexander Mort of Damhouse within Tyldesley, Gentleman being in perfect health of body and of sound and perfect mind and
memory do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following. My body to be interred in decent and christian
manner in the East End of Astley Chappel near my late wife Elizabeth Mort, and whereas I have a tenement in Pemberton which
I hold under Mr Legh of Lyme for certain lives. It is my mind and will that my dear and loving wife shall have the same after her
decease I give and bequeath unto my loving daughter Mary Mort, whereas I have a certain close in Wigan and whereas I have
power to charge my estates in Bedford, and the books. I do make my cozen John Markland of Wigan and my nephew Thomas 
Wright my executors. Signed by Alexander Mort
Hand written note on the back of the Will
On the thirteenth day of January in the year 1737 appeared Thomas Sutton Esq Administrator within the Will annexed of Alexander
Mort, Gentleman and took the oath of an Administrator in common form ( John Markland and Thomas Wright executors named
therein renouncing in writing and Mary Sutton otherwise Mort Relict of the said Alexander Mort renouncing in person ) before me
Adam Bancks, Surrogate
Another handwritten note
In chancery Wigan Oct 12, 1737 Between Lamberton Astley Esq and Margaret Maudesley, widow Thomas Sutton, Mary his wife.
Amongst the Will is a separate document.
Know all men by these present that John Markland of Wigan and Thomas Wright of Cronton, Gentleman executors of the last will
and testament of Alexander Mort late of Damhouse within Tyldesley, Gentlemen deceased hath renounced released relinquished
and quitclaimed all our right by the authority and power to the executors of the personal estate of the said Alexander Mort and agree
that letters of Administration be granted unto Thomas Sutton of Damhouse Esq  who is one of the next of Kin to the said Alexander
Mort dated Jan 2, 1737 witnessed signature of James Parr and signed by John Markland and Thomas Wright.
According to Lunns History of Astley, Adam Mort, who died in 1658, was her grandfather, and Alexander her father. With him and her uncle they 
lived in Damhouse. In the accounts book of Thomas Mort there is an entry of July 19th, 1721 that she was given sixpence by him and joined the 
great concourse of people congregated in Leigh to see the setting up of the maypole located near the smithy stone.
Her uncle made her heiress of all his great wealth by will of June 7th, 1730 but she died two years later and was buried March 19th, 1732.
Mort then had to make a new will, but he never brought himself to destroy the old one: it still exists among the Damhouse papers.
Thomas Wright in 1726 had been appointed guardian of Mary then aged 20 years.
He was bounden to educate her virtuously and bring her up in learning and faithfully administer the estate left to her by her mother, Elizabeth.
In 1736 Thomas Sutton as next of kin, and her cousin, took out a bond to wind up her estate.
Burial Records at Leigh Parish Church: Source: Leigh Parish Registers 1701-1753 including Astley and Atherton Chapel 1724-1753 LPRS Book 155
    Thomas Mort, Esq of Tyldesley buried Mar 19, 1733/34 at Astleigh Chapel
Note: there are two burial entries for a Mary Mort, and as such Lunn may have made a error in his History of Astley 
    Mrs Mary Mort, at Damhouse, Tyldesley buried Mar 19, 1732/33 at Astley (not in the Bishops Transcripts)
    Mary Mort of Astley buried Mar 23, 1731/32 at Astley Chapel (not in the Bishops Transcripts)
the Will of Thomas Mort proved Jul 29, 1736
Extracted from the original Will at Lancashire Records Office
Thomas Mort of Damhouse 1736, 29 July
By indenture between testator, Thos Sutton gentleman, Robert Booth Esq and George Kenyon Esq on certain property in trust…..
cousins Thomas, Richard, and John Mort sons of George Mort
cousins Margaret Allen, Dorothy Hankshaw, Thomas Heskain
cousins Robert and Alexander Law
cousin Nathan Mort
cousin Ann Andrews, sister of said cousin Nathan
cousin Mary Frogate
cousin Thomas Mawdesley of Heskin
cousin Alexander Mawdesley of Wigan
cousin the Rev Thomas Mawdesley, curate of Astley
Mrs Catherine King daughter of my late cousin Seth Mort
the Rev'd George Ward, servant Wm Heyes, my sister Sutton
to John Markland of Wigan, gent and Nathan Sutton of Leek Co Stafford, money upon trust
cousin Ann Dewhurst wife of John Dewhurst
cousin Juliane Halliwell wife of Halliwell
to said cousin Thomas Sutton now living with me at Damhouse all my books etc
Sole Exec cousin Thos Sutton dated 16 Nov 1732
Note: a codicil dated May 21, 1733 mentions in addition
cousin Sarah Mawdesley, cousin Elizabeth Mawdesley, friend Ralph Banks of Salford, and for the minister of Astley Chapel house
proved Jul 29, 1736
Notes about the Will of Thomas Mort
Thomas would have been the son of Adam Mort and Margaret and would have been in his late 80's when he died
It appears that Thomas Mort used the term cousin in general when refering to members of the family
cousin Nathan Mort is in fact his first cousin, he was born abt 1657 and died 1737 and married Anna Layland
cousin Ann Andrews is in fact his first cousin, she was born 1655
late cousin Seth Mort is in fact his first cousin once removed
cousin Richard Mort son of George Mort is in fact second cousin twice removed
cousin Ann Dewhurst is in fact Ann Plungeon first cousin once removed
cousin Thomas Sutton is in fact first cousin once removed
John Markland of Wigan is also mentioned in the Will of Alexander Mort who died in 1721 and brother of Thomas Mort
A marriage at Leigh (IGI) on Sep 2, 1732
    Mrs Mary Mort and Thos Sutton
Extracted from the Will of Thomas Sutton of Damhouse within Tildesley Esq 1752, Oct 3: Source, Lancashire Records Office
In the name of God amen I Thomas Sutton of Damhouse esquire do make this my last will and testament. I give and bequeath unto George Kenyon of Peele,
esquire, William Trafford of Swithanley in Stafford esq William Bateman of the borough of Derby, Gentleman and William Hallows the younger of the same place,
Gentlemen, Executors and Administrators. All that my Manor or Lordship of Astley with all its rights, my capital messuage called Damhouse lying in Tildesley
and all other messuages, lands tenements situate within the several townships of Astley, Tildesley, Bedford, Litle Hulton upon my present wife Mary Sutton for
the term of her natural life. I do hereby satisfy and confirm as also all my messuages lands tenements and hereditments situate lying being or arising in the county
of Stafford shall by sale of all, and after the death of my said wfe to the use of my kinsman and godson Thomas Froggatt the younger of Bakewell, eldest son and
heir apparent of Thomas Froggatt of Tidsell, Derby Gentleman. To my cousin Ann Dewhurst, widow one hundred pounds, to my cousin Dorothy Blackwell one 
hundred pounds. To my godson Thomas Tyldesley £300. To my sister Molyneaux £100. I give and devise unto my dear wife Mary Sutton all such books as belonged
to her before our intermarriage and all the books whereas Mr Alexander Morts name shall appear to be written. And whereas my said wife has received the Rents and
profits of the Wigan Estate settled upon her by her former husband Mr Alexander Mort. Set my hand and seal 11 Jan 1750 signed.