Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.8.)

Data 15.8. 

A marriage at Prestwich (IGI) on Nov 21, 1654
    Robert Morte and Mary Wallworke
Baptism Records to parent Robert Morte (IGI) at Prestwich
    Anna christened Nov 25, 1655
Prestwich Parish Registers LPRS
    Robert Morte son of Thomas Mort of Deane married Nov 21, 1654 Marij Walworke
    Anna daughter of Roberte Morte of Ringley christened Nov 25, 1655 Note: see John Andrews and Anna Mort
Entered in the Deane Parish Registers LPRS Books 53, 54 and 79
    Margareta fa Robertj Mort de L.H christened Nov 12, 1663
Baptism Records to parent Robert Mort (IGI) at Deane
    Margareta christened Nov 12, 1663 of Lower Hulton
Extracted from the Will at Lancashire Records Office
Robert Mort of Wharton Hall, Little Hulton, Deane gent 1691 Mar 17
    In the name of God Amen the thirteenth day of September sixteen hundred and eighty eight I Robert Mort of Wharton Hall in Little
    Hulton in the county of Lancaster, gentleman  being of sound memory and understanding by this my last will and testament. First
    it is my will and mind that it shall and may be lawful to and for John Andrew of Little Lever, gentleman (my sonne in law) to retain
    and keep in his hands during his natural life the sum of £253 due and owing in by his writing obligation bearing date on or about the
    two and twentieth day of May 1685. My further will and mind is that if my daughter Anna Andrew (now wife of the said John Andrew)
    shall happen to survive and overlive him the said John Andrew the said seveal sums above mentioned shall pay and satisfy the same.
    I do give and devise all my estate tythe tenement and interest my messuage tenement lands and hereditaments lying and being in 
    Parr Foulds within Worsley, Boothes Bank situate in Worsley. Unto Nathan Mort and Margaret Mort my son and daughter equally to
    be divided between them. I give and bequeath to my cousin Elizabeth Leigh wife of my cousin George Leigh of Oughtington twenty
    shilings Mary Hurst widow my tenant forty shillings. And I do hereby desire Mr James Wood, Minister and Thomas Marsh of Middle
    Hulton to be overseers.
Note added to the will: 17 Mar 1691 Nathan and Margaret Mort executors sworn in common form
Extracted from Lunn's History of Astley
Robert Mort, 1692
    This grandson of the great Adam Mort was baptised at Bolton Non 5, 1627. During the commonwealth rule he married before a magistrate Mary
    Walworth of Ringley, where he settled for a time. In 1658 he was made elder of Ringley chapel congregation. Then he lived at Wharton Hall, where
    several ejected ministers resorted for hospitality, James Wood the second of Chowbent and Henry Newcome of Manchester amonst them. He 
    died in 1692 and was buried at Deane. Two cups at Chowbent chapel bear the initials R. M. He left two sons, Nathan and John. By his will of Sep
    1688 he left his lands in Parr Fold and Boothsbank Worsley to Nathan and Margaret Mort, his executors and the Rev Wood overseer. A daughter
    of his, Anna, had married John Andrew of Little Lever, who had borowed from Mort £347, which at his death was left to the children of his marriage.
Note: that in the Will of Anne Mort 1673 she states that her brother Robert had a son Thomas as well as Nathan, Ann and Margaret, yet Lunn says he 
had a son John and a son Nathan. The answer may be that John was born after the will of Anne was made 
A burial at Deane of Thomas son of Robert Mort, Gent on Aug 16, 1688 would account for his ommission from the will of Robert
Also entered in the Deane Parish Registers LPRS Books 53, 54 and 79
    ….. filia Robertj Mort de Rumworth buried Sep 26, 1663
    Maria fa Robertj Morte de L. H buried Dec 9, 1664
    Maria wife of Robertj Mort, Lowest Hulton buried May 25, 1666
    Thomas f of Roberti Mort de L.H gener buried Aug 16, 1688
    Robertus Mort, Gener of Hultonia Inferior buried Feb 12, 1691
Boyds Marriage Index for Lancashire 1676-1700 Grooms Vol 9
    Nathan Mort and Ann Lailand, Deane married 1677
A marriage at Deane by Bolton (IGI) on Nov 5, 1677
    Nathaniel Mort and Anna Layland
Baptism Records to parent Nathaniel Mort (IGI)
    Hannah christened Apr 2, 1677 of Hulton Note: this is an error in the IGI as the date is 1697
    Adam christened Feb 27, 1701 Deane by Bolton
    Hannah christened Apr 2, 1697 Deane by Bolton
    John christened Mar 26, 1702 Deane by Bolton
    Robert christened Apr 29, 1704 Deane by Bolton
Baptism Records to parent Nathan Mort (IGI)
    Thomas christened Apr 5, 1691 of Atherton, Leigh
    Adam christened Feb 27, 1701 of Hulton
    John christened Mar 26, 1702 of Hulton
    Robert christened Apr 29, 1704 of Hulton
Baptism Records to parent Nathaniel or Nathan Mort and Mrs Nathaniel or Nathan Mort (IGI) of Hulton, Deane
    Mary christened abt 1693
    Robert christened abt 1695
    Hannah christened Apr 2, 1697
    Adam christened Feb 27, 1700 Note: see Adam Mort and Martha Leigh
    John christened Mar 26, 1702
    Robert christened Apr 29, 1704
    Margaret christened abt 1706
Also entered in the Deane Parish Registers LPRS Books 53, 54 and 79
    Nathanael Morte et Anna Layland married Dec 2, 1677
    Hannah fa Nathan Mort de Hultonia inferiori christened Apr 2, 1697
    Adamus f Nathan Mort de L.H: gen christened Feb 27, 1700/01
    Johannes f Nathan Mort de L.H: gen christened Mar 26, 1702
    Robertus f Nathan Mort de L.H: gener christened Apr 29, 1704
    Maria fa Nathani Mort, de Hultonia inferiori, generosi buried Jan 22, 1693
    Robertus f Nathan Mort, de L.H gener burial Apr 27, 1700
    Margareta Mort fa Nathan Mort, de Atherton gener burial Nov 8, 1707
    Jana uxor of Nathan Mortt, Gen: de Atherton buried Dec 16, 1718
    Nathan Mort, of Leigh Parish, Gentn buried Jan 18, 1737/38
According to the History of Bank Street Chapel
At the end of the 17th Century the Morts were a family living at Wharton Hall, Little Hulton. They were minor landowners and amongst the
earliest of families who figure in the history of local Dissent. The first one identifiable, as far as records show, is Robert, whose son Nathan was
one of the founder trustees of the first Meeting House erected in Bolton in 1696-later Bank Street Chapel. According to Baker, Wharton Hall was "an
apartment which its courageous owner had thrown open for the religious services of the neighbouring villages in spite of fines and threats often repeated".
Nathan Mort (trustee) sent his son, Adam, to Frankland's Academy in Rathnell, Westmorland in 1692. He was also one of the signatories to a letter to raise
a subscription, to send a James Whittle, aged at the time about 18 years, to the same academy. Whittle was ordained in 1702. Nathan's daughter, Abagail
married Nathaniel Entwistle of Little Lever in 1682: he set up the "Little Lever Trust" in 1729, (Appendix B) from which the Chapel still benefits. Another daughter
Anne Mort, married John Andrews of Little Lever and Rivington.
Adam Mort sold Wharton Hall after the birth of his second son, John, and moved to Alder Hall, Chowbent, some six miles S.W. of Bolton. It was he who gave
the Rev. James Wood and his congregation the site on which to build their Meeting House, completed in 1721. Wood commonly known as "General Wood"
because of taking the field at the head of his congregation, in 1715, to resist the Jacobite rising, had been a friend of Robert Mort. Adam Mort died childless and
his brother John, unmarried. Their sister married Roger Rigby of Chowbent and two sons, William and James, survived.
Note: it would be impossible for Nathan to send his son Adam to Frankland's in 1692 as he was only born in 1700
There is no mention in the IGI of a christening of Abagail to Nathan Mort, or her marriage to Nathaniel Entwistle.
Adam Mort reportedly died childless but his will states that he had a daughter Mary
Extracted from a book in Lancashire Records office entitled Bolton Nonconformity, and sub titled The Rise and Progress of Nonconformity in Bolton, An 
Historical Sketch of a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters, Assembling first in Deansgate and afterwards in Bank Street in Four Lectures, Delivered
at the close of year 1853 by Franklin Baker M.A. Minister of the chapel. Printed London 1854.
on page 96 of the book- The Founders of Nonconformity-Bolton
"It will probably be thought beneath the object of this publication to put to record the names of heads of families who are incidentally mentioned as giving
their support to the cause of dissent in this town during the first period of its history"
Amonst the list are John Andrews, Little Lever: Peter Finch: Nathan Mort, Wharton Hall: Nathaniel Entwistle:
"The date of the chapel is preseved on two carvings 1696"
on page 101 of the book "There were originally ten trustees of this property"- amongst them "John Andrews, Little Lever: Nathaniel Mort, Wharton Hall, Little
Hulton: Peter Finch, Joseph Crompton, Haugh"
Extracte from the book at Bolton Archives: Bank Street Chapel, Bolton, Bi-Centenary Commeroration 1696-1896 
Part 1-Page 25
The congregation is more than two centuries old, and dates back even prior to the year 1672, but it is just to hundred years this month since the old chapel
was opened for public worship on this very site. The congregation for which Bank Street Chapel was built was legally formed in 1672 by the Rev Richard
Goodwin M.A. (Cantab). Mr Goodwin came from Cockey Moor in 1647. He took out a licence to preach in a house at the corner of Deansgate and Mealhouse
Lane at the back of what is now the 'Old Woolpack' Inn. Mr Goodwin conducted services twice on Sundays until his death in December 1685 when he was
72 years of age. The Rev John Lever whi 1662 was minister at Cockey Moor then became Mr Goodwins successor, but he died on July 4th, 1692 age 57.
Mr Lever was succeeded by the Rev Robert Seddon M.A. (Cantab) who had been ejected from the rectory of Langley in Derbyshire. Mr Seddon was a man
of some means and became the owner of the 'mansion house' at the top of Bank Street, then called Windy Bank, he died on the 25th March 1696 when he was
66 years of age. A few weeks before he died he made a generous gift of the land on which tis church now stands, being a portion of the property attached
to the'mansion house' for the purpose of erecting a Protestant Dissenting Chapel. The deed of gift, which bears date Feb 17, 1695 is of sufficient importance
to merit some consideration. The trustees to whom the land was handed over where John Andrews (Squire Crompton of Rivington is a descendent of his), 
Nathan Mort, Edward Richardson, Peter Finch, Joseph Crompton, Nathan Dorning (This Nathan Dorning was brother to the great granfather of Mr William
Dorning, who is and has been ll through his life attached to this congregation), John Collyer, James Seddon (the nephew of Rev Robert Seddon), Thomas Booth,
and William Bridge. In 1723 the house was purchased by Mr John Andrews on behalf of the trustees for the sum of £120. Of this sum £70 was raised by the
trustees, and the remaining £50 was paid over by Mr Andrews as trustee for the late Mr Robert Mort. Mr Nathan Dorning, one of the original trustees of the
chapel by his will dated 18th May, 1728 bequeathed the sum of £30 to the trustees of the chapel.
Bolton Archives also held some information on the Little Lever Trust, details extracted below:
The Trust was established at some date shortly after 1690, and was evidently closely connected with the Nathaniel Hulton Trust, dating for February 1691, 
several persons being trustees of both trusts. The original trust deed as been lost, but the Trust has been regulated by a deed of release of July 1729 which
relates to the Hulton Trust Deed. The property held by the Trust was land in Little Lever and the Trust required the income from this land to be paid to "such
dissenting preacher of the Prebyterian persuasion who shall officiate at the meeting place within Bolton according to the indenture dated 4th February 1691"
Each year since 1729 and probably since 1691 the income has been paid to the Minister of Bank Street Chapel.
Bolton Parish Church Registers- Burial Transcripts at Bolton Archives 1700- 1721
    Katherine wife of Nathaniel Entwistle of Breightmet buried Dec 22, 1703
Bolton Parish Church Registers- Burial Transcripts at Bolton Archives 1721- 1740
    Nathaniel Entwistle L B yeoman buried Dec 16, 1729
John Mort of Chowbent, Merchant 1841, Jan 14 Affirdavit Source: Lancashire Records Office
In the Consistory Court of Chester, the twenty second day of December one thousand eight hundred and forty appeared personally Joshua Lace
of Little Woolton in the county of Lancaster, Gentleman and being sworn upon the Holy Gospel made oath as follows that he knew Thomas Earle
late of Liverpool in the county of Lancaster, Merchant who he has been informed and believed in the year one thousand seven hundred and fifty four
intermarried with Mary Mort of the same place, spinster, and only child and heir of Adam Mort that he has been for fifty years and upwards a professional
adviser of Mary Earle of Spekelands near Liverpool, Widow one of the daughters of the said Thomas Earle and as also for a similar period been the 
professional advisor of different members of the Earle family that the said Mary Earle of Spekelands and Jane Elizabeth Earle afterwards the wife of
Richard Gwillym late of Bewsey in the said county of Lancaster, Equire now deceased were the only children of the said Thomas Earle and Mary his
wife with whom he was ever acquainted that he has made due enquiry for the purpose of ascertaining whether the said Thomas Earle had any issue
Male by the said Mary Mort and from the information which he has obtained he believed that the said Thomas Earle had two sons who respectively 
died when very young in the lifetime of the said Thomas Earle without ever having been married and that the said Thomas Earle died as he is informed
and believed in or about the eighteenth day of September one thousand seven hundred and eighty one leaving no male issue by his said wife surviving
and that there never was any male issue of the said marriage other than the two sons before mentioned.
Signed and sworn at Liverpool twenty second day of December 1840
John Mort, late of Chowbent surviving trustee of a certain indenture bearing date the eighth day of June seventeen hundred and fifty four and made 
between Thomas Earle of Liverpool, merchant of the first part and Mary Mort of the same place spinster and only child and heir of Adam Mort, late of 
Atherton, Gentleman deceased of the second part and the said John Mort of Chowbent aforesaid merchant and John Hardman of Liverpool aforesaid
merchant of the third part being the settlement made previous to the marriage of the said Thomas Earle with the said Mary Mort of a certain chattel
right or interest for the residence and remainder of a certain term of five hundred years created by the said last mentioned Indenture of and in all that
capital messuage and tenement with appartenancies situate lying and being in Little Hulton and Shakerley called or known by the name of Wharton
Hall being formerley in the tenure, holding or occupation of Nathan Mort.
Bolton Parish Church Registers- Marriage Transcripts at Bolton Archives 1661- 1705
    Mr John Andrews of Little Lever and Anna Malt of the Parish of Deane marryed by vertue of a lycence dated July 5th and marryed at Asly Chappell July 6, 1682
According to the book "Old Rivington and District" by M. D. Smith
    In 1729 the Breres family sold out their interest in Rivington Manor to John Andrews. In 1733 John Andrews had the tower built on Rivington Pike. Robert Andrews
    succeeded to the Rivington Estate in 1765 as great nephew and heir in law to John Andrews.
    Robert Andrews was born on 13th January 1785 and inherited Rivington Manor on the death of his parents. His mother died on the 29th April 1791 and his father on
    the 13th August 1793. He remained single and enjoyed considerable local standing as a Justice of the Peace and Deputy Lieutenant of Lancashire.
    He died on the 4th July 1858 when the estate passed to his younger brother John Andrews.
    John William Crompton inherited Rivington Estate on the death of his uncle John Andrew in 1865.
From an Ancestral File on the Morman Web site John Andrews, son of John and Anna Andrews, married Abagail Crook
Burials at Bolton Parish Church Transcripts at Bolton Archive 1700-1721
    Lydia dau of Mr John and Abagail Andrews of L. Lever buried Sep 19, 1711
    Ann dau of Mr John and Abagail Andrews of L. Lever buried May 14, 1712
    Jane dau of Mr John and Abagail Andrews of L. Lever buried May 19, 1712
    Hannah dau of Mr John and Abagail Andrews of G. Bolton buried Apr 25, 1716
From an Ancestral File on the Morman Web site Robert Andrews, son of John and Anna Andrews, married Hannah Crompton
Burials at Bolton Parish Church Transcripts at Bolton Archive 1721-1740
    John son of Robert and Hannah Andrews of G. Bolton buried Jul 17, 1716
    Jane dau of Robert and Hannah Andrews, chapman of G B buried Sep 2, 1725
    Nicolas son of Mr Rob and Hannah Andrews G B buried Mar 4, 1729/30
    Mr Robert Andrews G B chapman buried Jan 22, 1731/32
    Cicely dau of Mr Rob (deceased) and Hannah Andrews G B buried Oct 18, 1734
    Mrs Hannah Andrews G B widow buried Oct 24, 1741
Historical Gleanings of Bolton and District - Barton 3rd series 1883
    John Andrews, who died at Little Lever aged 64 was grandson of Nicholas Andrews, citizen and salter of London, afterwards of Little Lever who married the 
    daughter of Thomas Lever, Esq of Little Lever. John Andrews who died Dec 1700 married Jul 6, 1682 Ann daughter of Robert Mort, Esq of Little Hulton whose
    son John succeeded to the estates at Rivington etc and had for wife Abagail, daughter of ---- Crooke of Abram, near Wigan. This John Andrews built
    Rivington Pike and the Higher Nags Head, Bolton 1735, latter as his town residence, he being a solicitor practising in Bolton, office in Churchgate. His daughter
    Abagail was wife of Joseph Wilson of Manchester, attorney at law, whose son John Andrews Wilson died of smallpox at Warrington Academy aged 19, and
    was succeeded by Robert Andrews aforesaid, born Dec 30, 1741, died Aug 13, 1792 father of the late Robert and John Andrews of Rivington hall, Robert being 
    the last name residing there, an active justice of the peace in the division of Bolton, who died about 25 years ago. Robert Andrews born Jun 29, 1723
    minister of the Presbyterian Chapel, county of Salop was a great Latin scholar. The Wilsons through their intermarriage with the Andrews became possessed of land
    now Town Hall Square, Bolton sold in 1810 for a new Market Place by a family named Lowe of Nottingham, who had inherited it by a mariage with the Wilsons.
Exracted from Rivington Church - A Short History
1793 Robert Andrews died Aug 13- he was trustee of the dissenting chapel in 1786
1823 Robert Andrews of the Hall, warden this year. He was second of name, born 1785, died 1858 unmarried. Buried at the Unitarian Chapel.