Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.6.)

Data 15.6. 

Extracted from the will of Gervase Mort of Sheen 1628, Jul 3
In the name of God Amen … first day of aprill in the year of our Lord God one thousand six hundred twentie and eight
I Gervase Morte of Sheen in the county of Stafford Clarke being weeke in bodie but of sound and perfect remembrance
praise be given unto Almighty God therefore and knowing that nothing is more … than….do make this my last will in manner
and form following… my soul unto the hands of Almighty God my Creator saviour and redeemer…. My bodie I will be 
interred in the Chancell of the Church of Sheen afforesaid neer unto the place where the bodie of Richard Morte my
father lying buried ….And for the dispersing of my wordlie estate chattell and chatells my will and mind is that I do desire
all… debts and funeral expenses… Item I do give dessire unto James Mort my sonne …. The tennant right … 
of Gabrielle Armstrong …
Item I do give and desire unto Margaret Morte my welbeloved wife … the tennant right for the term of … out of the Corne
Milne by the name of Sheen Milne….. Item I do give and desire unto Thomas Morte and Elizabeth Morte my children …
…. And Nicholas Critchlow my neighbur of Sheen …….
Item I do nominate and appoint Margaret Mort my welbeloved wife the sole executrix of this my said will ….
Witnes Thomas Birch, Nicholas Critchlow and Edw? Critchlow
Notes added in another hand,  by me Gervase Morte, Debts owing to the testator as following
John Milward owed unto me as …..
Extracted from the County History of Staffordshire
By 1638 what was described as the rectory of Sheen was held by Gabriel Armstrong, who was succeeded that year 
by his son Gilbert. In 1658 another Gabriel Armstrong and his wife Margaret conveyed the chapel and its tithes to Gilbert's daughter
Elizabeth Armstrong. By 1671 she had sold them to Ralph Sleigh of Broadmeadow Hall and Thomas Ward, also of Sheen.
Ralph died in 1687
The curate was paid £5 in 1635. By 1630 he also received a stipend of £4 13s 4d which was originally intended for the support 
of a reader.
Gervase Mort was reader in 1607, Thomas Birch became reader in 1635 and then curate in 1636.
Will of Thomas Morte died 1665
In the name of God Amen, the thirteenth day of February in the sixteenth Year of the Raigne of our
Soveraigne Lord Charles the Second by the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, 
Defender of the faithe de Anno Domi 1663,
I Thomas Morte of High Sheene in the parish of Sheene in the County of Stafford, Gent, being somewhat 
sick and disabled in body but sound and perfect in remembrance, thanks be given to almighty God for the 
beloved Mother for and towards the education and bringing up of my children and after the death and 
decease of my said Mother, I give and bequeath my said Estate in Lancaster to the said Mary my wife, and 
to five of my youngest children equally amongst them for their maintenance and education for and during 
the full time and term of twelve years and after the end and expiration of the said term of twelve years, I 
give and bequeath all the said Estate which I have in present possession in the County of Lancaster after my 
Mother’s decease, I give and bequeath whatsoever is above the yearly sum of fifty pounds of my Demesne 
Lands of Peele and Little Hulton and tenants boons in the said County of Lancaster unto Thomas Morte, 
my eldest sonne for and during the whole time and term of twelve years and after the end and expiration of 
the said term of twelve years, I give devise and bequeath my whole Estate in the said County of Lancaster 
unto Thomas Morte my eldest son, his heirs and assigns for ever upon the Conditions following; that within 
two years after the death and decease of my said Mother, the said Thomas Morte, my son, shall pay unto 
my foure children Adam Morte, Ann Morte, Margaret Morte and Mary Morte, the sum of five hundred 
pounds equally amongst them and to enable my said son Thomas to pay the said five hundred pounds as 
aforesaid, my will and mind is that he sell so much of my timber now growing upon my Demesne Lands at 
Peele aforesaid as will raise the said money and if my said son Thomas do not or will not pay and discharge 
this five hundred pounds as afore is mentioned, them my will and minde is that the said Adam, Ann, 
Margaret and Mary, my said children shall have and dispose of all my timber growing upon my Demesnes 
at Peele aforesaid to their cost, use and advantage except such timber as grows within three score yards 
round about the dwelling house, my will and mind is that it shall be preserved for an ornament to the said 
house and after the end and term of six years after the death and decease of my aforesaid Mother, then my 
will and mind is that the aforesaid Thomas Morte, my eldest son shall pay the sum of three hundred pounds 
equally amongst the aforesaid foure children Adam, Ann, Margaret and Mary, in six years more by fifty 
pounds a year till the said three hundred pounds be fully paid to every one, three score and fifteen pounds 
as the said foure children as  formerly named. 
And as concerning my Estate at High Sheene in the said County of Stafford, my will and mind is as followeth;
And first concerning my Messuage house and the Ancient Lands thereunto belonging, I give and bequeath 
to Mary my wife for and during her Naturall Life and also all that part of Sheene Hill which I purchased of 
Mr. Ralph Sleigh being eight acres more or less and all that my part of Sheene Moore or Commons which I 
purchased of Mr. Edward Brereton, I give and bequeath to the said Mary my wife for and during her 
Naturall Life and after the death and decease of the said Mary my wife, I give devise and bequeath all my 
said Messuage houses and lands in the said County of Stafford, to Richard Morte, my younger son, his 
heirs and assigns for ever. To the said Richard Morte my son paying to my said foure children Adam, Ann, 
Margaret and Mary, the sum of two hundred pounds by five and twenty pounds a year, first to Adam his 
part, then to Ann, to Margaret, and so to Mary, which will be in eight years after the death and decease of 
the said Mary my wife. Also after that my debts have been discharged and paid and my funerall expenses, 
all the rest of my goods and cattells and chattells, I give and bequeath to the said Mary my wife whom I 
make sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament hopeing she will justly and truely perform the same 
in testimony whereof I have hereunto put my hand and seal.
Thomas Morte.
These being Witnesses:  George Goodwyn
Grace Kirks her mark
An Inventory of all the goods and chattels of Thomas Mort, gent, and is afore apprised and valued th 24th 
day of February in the Sixteenth year of His Majesties Raigne that 
by Ralph Sleigh, Richard Hall, Thomas Rogers and Thomas  ?
 as followeth:  1663
First his horse wearing apparill and money
in his purse 10 0 0
Item:  Six kine 24 0 0
Item:  Four oxin 19 0 0
Item:  Five stirkes 10 0 0
Item: Four catle 4 0 0
Item: Twenty sheep 6 0 0
Item: One creaming calfe 7 0 0
Item; Hay and corne 25 0 0
Item:  Two Swine 2 0 0
Item: Husbandry ware 6 3 4
Item: Pullen (poultry?) 0 10 0
Item: Three tables and two frames 3 10 0
Item: Eight chayres 1 0 0
Item: Pewter and brasse 5 0 0
Item: Iron ware the house 1 0 0
Item: Tine ware 2 10 0
Item: Seven cushions 0 14 0
Item: Five beds and bedding three books? 13 0 0
Item: Arks, coffers and boxes 3 0 0
Item: Eight sackes and one winnow sheet 1 0 0
Item: Nappery ware 0 13 4
139 0 8
Two of the children of Thomas Mort mentioned in his Will of 1663 where christened at Alstonfield
    Ric Morte son of Mr Morte of Hie Sheen christened Sep 16, 1658
    Maria Morte daughter of Mr Thos Mort of Hie Sheen christened Feb 14, 1660
According to the Pedigree Chart of the Mort, Froggatt and Wetherall of Astley
Daughter Mary married Thos Froggatt, of Hope and Wardlow, co Derby. Mary died 1723
Baptism Records at Hartington (IGI) to parents Thomae Froggatt and Mariae
    Thomas chr Nov 5, 1682
Marriage at Alstonfield on Jul 2, 1713
    Thos Froggatt of Hartington and Ann Yates of this parish
Baptism Records at Hartington (IGI) to parents Thomae Froggatt and Hannae
    Thomas chr Aug 17, 1726
Thomas Froggat was churchwarden at Alstonfield, 1719
Earlier records of the Froggatt family reveal that:
Alstonfield Christenings to parent John Froggatt
    Ellen chr Aug 28, 1651
    Thos chr Jul 22, 1655 of Hope
    John chr Mar 13, 1658
Alstonfield Burials
    Marie Froggatt wife of John Froggatt of Hop buried May 3, 1659
According to the VRI Johanes Frogatt and Maria Morte married Nov 20, 1681 at Hartington. This is likely to be an error in transcription
as it must be the marriage of Thomas Froggat (chr Jul 22, 1655) to Maria Mort (chr Feb 14, 1660) unless she married the brother of Thomas 
and the pedigree chart is incorrect. Either way she married a son of John Froggatt, either John or Thomas
Will of Joanne Hallows of Wetton 1699 courtesey of Jean Durbin
In the name of God Amen, I Joane Hallows of Wetton in the County of Stafford, Widdow, being very aged 
and weake in body but blessed bee God, of sound and perfect memory and being mindful of my 
approaching Change, do therefore desire to sett my house in order whilst it pleaseth God to enable me to do 
soe. And for that end and purpose do this eighth day of Aprille in the year of our Lord God one thousand 
six hundred, ninety five make this my last Will and Testament in manner and forme following:
That is to say, as for my soule I humbly resigne it into the mercyfull hande of my God not doubting through 
the alone meritts of my Redeemer to receive full and free Pardon for all my sinnes and everlasting Comfort 
amongst the faithfull in the World to come, my body I committ to the Earth from whence it came, desiring 
it may be decently interred ( incoffined in my dear Husband’s Grave) much after the manner of my same 
funerall and as for that temporal and hereditory Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to intrust mee and 
with which I now am at the hour of my dissolution, can bee any manner of my lawfully constituted unto I 
dispose thereof as follows:
Item: My will and mind is and I hereby give grant devise and bequeath all my estate both reale and
personale, moveable and immoveable, of what sort so ever as messuages, cottages, tofts, tythes, tenements, 
lande, meadows, leasons, pastures, feedings, woods, underwoods, commons, rents, services, reversions, 
remainders, rights, loyalties and hereditories with their company of their members and appurtenances, 
goodes, cattel and chattells whatsoever or wherever situate lyeng, being remaining within the Parish of 
Youlgreave in the County of Derby, Wetton aforesaid and Butterton, Leeke, Croxden and Waterfall within 
the said County of Stafford or elsewhere within the kingdoms of England unto Richard Mort of Peele Hall 
in Little Hulton in the County of Lancaster, Gent, Adam Mort of High Sheene in the County of Stafford, 
Gent, Thomas Sutton of Wetton aforesaid, John Mellor of Whitehaugh in the said County of Stafford, Gent, 
and their heirs for ever, to the  intent and purposes hereafter and therein contained and mentioned and to 
that other uses intent and purpose  whatever that is to say that they as any of them as Executor of this my 
last Will and Testament for I hereby make them so or such of them or him as shall take upon them or him 
the Dictate Burden and Execution hereof, shall first of all out of the cleare Rents Issues and Profits of all 
and every of my Estate aforesaid, honestly pay and discharge all my debts and funerall expenses. And then 
all and every legacies following in their order.
Item:To cozen Thomas Cantrell for preaching my funerall sermon twenty shillings
To cozen Dorethy Hambleton the yearly sume of five pounds on every New Years Day dureing 
her life and with which her husband shall not intermeddle.
To cozen Richard Hall the yearly sume of four pounds on every Alstonfield Wakes Munday 
dureing his life.
To cozen Thomas Milward the yearly sume of twenty shillings on every New Years Day dureing 
his life.
To cozen Anne Cantrell if she continue to live with mee at my decease the sume of three pounds 
to bee paid within six months after my decease and these last mentioned sumes to bee paid over 
and above wages.
To Thomas Gilbert if hee continues to live with mee at my decease the sume of three  pounds to 
bee paid within six months and these two last mentioned sumes to bee paid over and above wages
To Dorethy Carr the sume of forty shillings to bee paid her within six months after my decease.
To cozen Margaret Hingen the sume of fifty shillings to bee paid her within six months after my decease.
And for all the rest, residue and remainders of my Estate and the continuall Occupier thereof, the rents
issues and profitts of the same, I do hereby give grant devise and bequeath and hereby declare the same and 
every part and parcell thereof to remaine continue and bee to the only use and behoof of Thomas Sutton the 
younger son and heir apparant of the said Thomas Sutton and to the heirs of the body of the said Thomas 
Sutton the younger, and for want of such issue, to Nathan Sutton another son of the said Thomas Sutton, 
and the heirs of his body and for want of such issue, to the use and behoof of the said Thomas Sutton the 
son, his heirs and assigns for evermore.  which is the said Thomas Sutton the son and Nathan Sutton are the 
now surviving issue of the said Thomas Sutton by Ann the late wife, my good kinswoman, the eldest 
daughter of Thomas Mort late of High Sheene aforesayd Gentleman, father of the said Richard Mort and 
And lastly, I do hereby constitute and appoint my said kinsman and loveing friend Richard Hall supervisor 
and overseer of my said Execution and of this my last Will and Testament to the end.  My said will and 
mind hereby expressed and declared may be honestly performed and accomplished.
In witness whereof of the said Joane Hallowes have hereunto put to my hand and seal, declareing this
     ?     writing to containe my last Will and Testament and hereby utterly revoking and makeing 
void all former wills by me made, and this, the day and year first above written.
Joane Hallowes her mark and seal.
Thomas Holme of Wetton in the county of Staffs.
Thomas Pratt of Wetton in the county of Staffs.
Hall Walton of Egginton in the county of Derby
That on the 24th day of the written mentioned month of Aprille, the Testatrix ordered her pricipall legatee, 
that twenty shillings bee for every year paid by him his heir or assigns for ever to some honest minister for 
him preaching four Latine sermons at Wetton Church, the first on every New Years Day yearly, the second 
on every Easter Sunday yearly, the third on every Whitsunday yearly and the fourth and last one every 
Wetton Wakes Sunday yearly for ever.  To such, her said pricipall legatee  did promise to take care what 
should be performed and therefore put to his hande the day and year above.
Thomas Sutton junior
In presence of us who saw the Testatrix signe seal and publish this her said Will and do now subscribe our 
names in her sight and presence as witnesses to the whole.
Thomas Sutton
Anne Cantrell
27th October 1698
Then examined this coppy with the originall will of Joanne Hallows deceased and it agrees in all parts with 
the originall will.  Witness our hands who are witnesses hereto the day and year above written,
Geo: Newell 
Thomas Holme
T Pratt
Hall Walton  27th October  1698
I  Thomas Sutton the elder of Wetton do hereby acknowledge to have in my possession  and custody the 
originall will Joane Hallows deceased  of which this is a true coppy witnes of my hand the day and year 
above named.
people mentioned in the will of Joanne Hallows
Baptism Record to parent Thomas Sutton taken from Alstonfield Parish Reisters
    Thos s of Thos Sutton, Gent of Wetton christened Apr 23, 1682
Parish Records of Astley Chapel Burials
    Hannah daughter of Thomas Froggatt Esq of Manchester buried Jan 17, 1772
    Thomas Froggatt Esq of Manchester buried Apr 14, 1772
    Sarah daughter of Thomas Mort Froggatt Esq of Damhouse buried Jul 6, 1790
    Thomas Mort Froggatt of Tyldesley buried Jun 24, 1799
    Mary Mort Froggatt of Damhouse buried Jan 13, 1810