Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.4.)

Data 15.4. 

Baptism Records to parents Seth Mort and Elizabeth Massey (IGI) at Preston
    Thomas born 1652 
    Adam born abt 1653
    Charlet born abt 1655
    Elizabeth born abt 1657
    Anna born abt 1659
    Catherine born abt 1661
Note: According to Thomas Morts Will of Nov 16, 1732 " Mrs Catherine King, daughter of my late cousin Seth Mort"
According to Lunn, Thomas Mort married in 1619
Birth Records to parents Thomas Mort and Margaret Smith (IGI) of Tildesley
    Adam born abt 1600
    Jennett born abt 1602
    Mary born abt 1606
    Robert born abt 1608
    Anne born abt 1610 Note: died a spinster, see The Will of Anne Mort 1673
    Adam born abt 1622
    Thomas born abt 1624 Note: see Thomas Mort and Mary Sheen
    Robert born abt 1625 Note : see Robert Mort and Mary (Ellen) Wallworth
    John born abt 1627
    Jennet born abt 1629
    Mary born abt 1631
    Thomas born abt 1604
    John born abt 1612
Note: non of these above entries can be relied upon to be correct, but by reading the Will of the father Thomas Mort below
Adam would have been the oldest son, Thomas the second son, Robert the third son, and John the fourth son. Daughters in any order
would have been Jenny, Anne and Mary.
Note: Thomas would have been born abt 1587, so when he married in 1619 he would have been 32 so he may have been maried before.
There is an entry of a burial  in 1619 to a wife of a Thomas Mort of Little Hulton also in 1619 at Deane
Also entered in the Deane Parish Registers LPRS Books 53, 54 and 79
    Relicta Thomae Mort de Lowest Hulton buried Aug 1, 1619
Extracts from the Will of Thomas Mort of Little Hulton, parish of Deane 1638
In the name of God Amen, the the twentie fourth day of November 1635. I Thomas Mort having at this time my ordinarie and 
usual health, understanding and memorie do make this my last Will and testament in manner and form following, my body
to christian burial. One capital messuage and tente commonlie called the Peele als Witcheves, one other capital messuage 
and tente commonlie called Warton Hall demesnes als Warton, one tente called the Tynesbanke and dyvers other messuages,
cottages, buildings, lands, tentes, rents, service and hereditments in the Indenture mencioned and expressed for the term of 
fourescore and ten years next ensuing the first day of may last past, and one messuage and tente with appertennces in Astley 
of one Geoffrey Wood, and one other messuage and tente to one Thomas Jackson, deceased. The said messuages to be had
used occupied or enjoyed and revenues thereof to be taken and had by Margaret my now wyffe after my decease and during
so many years, keep herself sole and unmaryed for and towards the maintainence of my three younger sons called Thomas Mort,
Robte Mort and John Mort and three daughters called Jenny Mort, Anne Mort and Marye Mort. My executors Administration shall
permit and suffer the said Thomas Mort being my second son to hold occupy and enjoy all that said capital messuage and tent
called the Peele als Wicheves, and all the said tente called the Tynesbanke, and paying to my three said daughters the yearlie
sum of fyftie pounds of lawful money at or in the porch annexed to the south side of the Parish Church of Deane yerelie and everie 
year upon the twentyfourth day of June. The said Robte Mort being my third son, to have hold and enjoy all that capital messuage
tente called Warton Hall and demesnes als Wartons in the said indenture which formerlie the inheritance of Ralph Asheton Esq
deceased and Sir Ralph Asheton Baronet his sonne and heire conveyed to me the said Thomas Mort the father and Adam Mort
late of Tyldesley, Gentleman deceased my late father. The said John Mort being my youngest sonne to have all the said two 
messuages and tentes in Astley aforesaid by them the said Lawrence Twist and Thomas Gest. Adam Mort of Preston, Gentleman
my brother. And of this my said last will and testament constitute and ordain and make the said Margaret my wife and George Seddon
who is her brother of the halfe blood. My executors to execute the same and I doe desyre my said brother Adam Mort to be overseer.
Unto Thomas Smith my neighbour the sum upon trust that he shall bestow employ it towards maintynance of the ministrie of Gods
word at Ellenbrook Chapple. Also I give to my son Adam Mort all my books except my law books and I give my son Thomas all my law 
books. In witness thereof to this present codicil annexed my hand and seal the tenth day of July 1638.
Also entered in the Deane Parish Registers LPRS Books 53, 54 and 79
    Thomas Mort gen de Hultonia infima burial Jul 14, 1638
Extracts taken from the Will of Margaret Mort of the Peel in Little Hulton, Widdow dated 20 July 1666.
Body to be buried in the Parish Church of Deane in the place of burial belonging to Wharton Hall
Mentions an interest in "Astley Manor"
my late sonne Adam Mort deceased
grandson Thomas Mort sonne and heir apparent of the said Adam Mort
Thomas Mort and his brothers Robert Mort, Adam Mort and Alexander Mort Note: see Alexander Mort and Elizabeth Wright
grandson Thomas Mort, eldest son of my late sonne Thomas Mort, deceased
the house where I now dwell called the Hall of Peele....Witchizuss
Anne and Margaret daughter of my said son Thomas Mort deceased
Anne and Margaret Mort daughters of my son Robert Mort
son John Mort £300
neice Elizabeth Leigh now wife of cousin George Leigh of West Leigh
Exors: Robert and Anne Mort my children
Witness: Thos Marsh and Geo Leigh
Inv: 17 Aug 1675 by Hugh Hindley, Geo Leigh, Thos Marsh and James Marsh.
Proved 26 Aug 1675 by Robert Mort (Anne being dead) 
From the Burial Registers of Deane Parish Church
    Margreta Mort vidua de Hultonia Inferior burial Jul 29, 1675
According to Lunn's History of Astley
Margaret Mort, 1675
    Margaret was the widow of Thomas Mort, who died in 1638. She made her will on July 20, 1666, when living  at Peel, Little Hulton, and by it
    cancelled all arrears of the rentcharge owing to her out of the Astley estates. Her will makes several bequests, £100 to the two daughters of her
    deceased son Thomas at twenty one and a like sum  to the daughters of the same name, Anne and Margaret of her other son Robert. Another
    legacy was to her grandson Thomas, son of the Thomas who had died before his mother. All iron grates, a sealed bed in the room over the parlour
    at Peel, a cupboard and all the cloths up the stairs were to be regarded as heirlooms and no price put on them. In the great number of rooms at Peel
     in this time one was called Mr Thomas chamber and a second Mr Richard Morts chamber. This Margaret was very rich: she died possessed of
    personal effects valued at £400 and her credits and ready coin came to £3,347 in toto the coveted accumalation of £3,747. Included in her possessions 
    was a pair of scales for weighing gold, an item much used by a banker and merchant, which betrays the true character of the activities of the Morts at 
    this era of history.
According to Lunn's History of Astley
John Mort, 1687
    He was a younger son of Thomas and grandson of the great Adam and he died at the Wicheves in Little Hulton in 1687. He was not well off
    and had no effects of his own except one chest and some horse gear. All counted he left £176 11s 5d., which included his clothes and books
    at £20 10s. Another of the Morts, who died at Little Hulton in 1692 was Thomas son of Thomas and a great grandson of Adam. He was a trader
    of yarns and valued his stock at £44, while debts due to him were £105. His total wealth was £192, including his watch at 15s. And the clothes he 
    wore at £10
Extracted from the Wills at Lancashire Records Office
Thomas Mort of Little Hulton, 1692 Nov 11
Only the parchment inventory exists. The Admon was missing
hand written date says Aug 23, 1688 An Inventory of the goods and chatelles of Thomas Mort, Gent taken by John Andrew, Henry 
Withinton, John Makant and James Fletcher. Short list totaling £191=17=01 of which £105 was debts due.
The Will of Anne Mort 1673
Anne Mort of Little Hilton, spinster, 1673 Nov 8
Inventory- A true and perfect inventory of all goods moneys etc of Anne Mort late of Little Hilton in the parish of Dean, spinster
valued 12 Sep 1673  Total £1635 including:
    money              £81.01.09
    fustian cloth       £3.00.00
    debt due       £1435.00.00
    debt due           £86.15.08
Anne Mort late Hulton Nov 8, 1673 Robert Mort exor
In the name of God Amen, I Ann Mort of Little Hulton, spinster being somewhat infirm in body but of sound memory and understanding
do make and publish this my last will and testament. I do give and bequeath unto William Sutton (inserted my nephews Thomas Mort of 
Astley, Gentleman and Thomas Mort of the parish of Little Hulton, Gentleman) Esquire, John Tildesley of Rumworth, Hugh Hindley Westleigh
Gentleman, George Leigh of the same, Gentleman, Thomas Smith of Smithfold, Gentleman, Ralph Astley of Over Hulton, Ironmonger and Robt
Mort of Warton Hall, Gentleman my Brother the sum of two hundred and fiftie pounds. Fifty pounds towards the maintainence of a preaching
minister at the church of Deane, fifty pounds towards the maintainence of a preaching minister at the chapel in Worsley called Ellenbrook,
fifty pounds to the maintainence of other minister at the chappel in Astley, fifty pounds to the minister at Atherton, fifty pounds towards the
maintainence of a school master to teach the young children of the neighbourood with Little Hulton.
I bequeath unto my cousin Thomas Mort of Astley, eldest son of my late brother Adam Mort ? Hundred and twenty pounds. Whatever
all the rest remainder of my said goods chattels I give unto my cousins Adam Mort and Alexander Mort the younger sons of my late brother
Adam, and unto Richard Mort, Adam Mort, Ann Mort, Margaret and Mary Mort sonnes and daughters of my late brother Thomas Mort.
And unto Thomas Mort, Nathan, Ann and Margaret sonnes and daughters of my said brother Robert Mort equally to be distributed amongst them
all my said cousins.. I do make my said brother Robert Mort my brother sole executor dated sixteenth day of February 1672
Codicil added to the will on separate sheet.
Did further by word of mouth the said Anne Mort did bequeath unto Anne Mort her niece late daughter of of Thomas of Peele the sum of fiftty
pounds, unto Margaret another late daughter of the said Thomas Mort deceased, then and yet standing in the messuage or mansion house
called Peele Hall in Little Hulton in the uppermost chamber over the hall.
Deane Parish Church Burial
    Anna Mort, generosa de Hultonia inferiori buried Sep 9, 1673