Thomas Mort born abt 1540 Farnworth (15.3.)

Data 15.3.

Because of the connection between the Mort's and the Tyldesley's it would be interesting to have a look at creating a 
brief Tyldesley Family Tree showing the link.
From the website
Thurstan Tyldesley ?-1553
Thurstan Tyldesley was married twice - first to Parnell Shakerley, daughter of Geoffrey Shakerley and second to Jane Longton, 
daughter of Ralph Longton. By the first marriage he had two children, Thomas and Alice, and by the second he had four, 
Edward, Mary, Ann and Dorothy.
Thurstan was the Master Forester of Amounderness and lived at Wardley Hall and Myerscough Lodge. 
Thurstan left a lengthy will, the transcription of which is to be found on the said website. He requests his body to be 
"buryed in Eccles Church if I die wthin ye countie of Lanc" 
Edward Tyldesley ?-1587
Edward Tyldesley was the son of Thurstan Tyldesley and his second wife Jane Langton.
Sir Robert Worsley was Edward's brother-in-law, being married to his half-sister Alice Tyldesley.
Around 1558, Edward married Anne Leyland, daughter and heiress of Thomas Leyland of Morleys Hall, against her fathers wishes.
Whatever the reasons, Thomas Leyland appears to have forgiven his son-in-law and Morleys Hall passed into the possession of the
Tyldesleys. Edward and Anne had eight children, Thomas, Joan, Thurstan, Edward, Jane, Anne, Margaret and William.
Thomas Tyldesley ?-1586
Thomas Tyldesley was the oldest son of Edward Tyldesley and Anne Leyland. He married Elizabeth Anderton, daughter of 
Christopher Anderton of Lostock. They had four children: Edward, Ann, Dorothy and Elizabeth.
Thomas Tyldesley predeceased his father, dying in 1586.
Edward Tyldesley 1586-1618
Edward Tyldesley was the son of Thomas Tyldesley and Elizabeth Anderton. He was born in 1585 and married Elizabeth Preston 
of Holker Hall around 1611.
They had two sons, Edward who died young, and Thomas, born in 1612, the famous Cavalier.
Edward and Elizabeth Tyldesley lived at Myerscough Lodge, entertaining James I there for two or three days in 1617. Edward died 1618. 
Elizabeth Tyldesley re-married twice: first to Thomas Lathom of Parbold, and second to Thomas Westby of Bourne Hall.
Sir Thomas Tyldesley 1612-1651
Thomas Tyldesley was the elder son of Edward Tyldesley of Morleys Hall, Astley in the Parish of Leigh, by his wife Elizabeth
daughter of Christopher Preston of Holker. He was baptised at Woodplumpton Sep 12, 1612. In early life he adopted the military
profession and served in the wars in Germany. Around 1634 he married Frances, elder daughter of Ralph Standish, by whom he had 
three sons and seven daughters. 
In an engagement at Wigan Lane in Lancashire on 25 Aug. 1651 the royal army, which lost nearly half its officers and men, was totally
defeated and Tyldesley was killed. 
Tyldesley was buried in his own chapel of St. Nicholas in the church of Leigh. 
A monument was erected in the hedge by the roadside half a mile from Wigan, where Tyldesley fell, by Alexander Rigby, high sheriff
of the county, who had served under him as a cornet.
Fishwick states that Mary Rigby, daughter of Alexander, married Thomas Tyldesley, son of the Cavalier. 
In 1713, Thomas Tyldesley, grandson of the Cavalier, recorded in his diary that he had spent 2s 6d on the repair of the monument.
Thomas Tyldesley 1657-1715 (The Diarist)
Thomas Tyldesley, the son of Edward Tyldesley, of Tyldesley, Morleys, Myerscough Lodge, and Fox Hall, Lancashire, and 
grandson of Sir Thomas Tyldesley, the famous royalist general was born on 3 April 1657.
Thomas Tyldesley was educated at St. Omer's. In 1679 he married Eleanor, daughter and coheiress of Thomas Holcroft, of Holcroft
Hall, Lancashire. They had ten children: Edward born 1679, Fleetwood born 1682, Mary born 1684, Ann born 1685, Eleanor born 1686, 
Ann born 1687, Thomas born 1688, James born 1690, Frances and Elizabeth. By this marriage the Tyldesleys were to acquire Holcroft
Hall, which was only sold on the death of Thomas' grandson, James Tyldesley.
After Eleanor's death in 1693, Thomas Tyldesley married Agatha, daughter of William Winckley of Banister Hall. They had three
children, Charles born 1696, Agatha and Winifred born 1701.
Thomas Tyldesley died at Myerscough Lodge on 26 January 1715, aged 57 and was buried at Garstang.
Edward Tyldesley 1679-1725
Edward Tyldesley was the eldest son of Thomas Tyldesley, the Diarist, and his first wife Eleanor Holcroft. He married Dorothy and
they had at least two children: James and Catherine.
James Tyldesley 1719-1765
James Tyldesley was the son and heir of Edward Tyldesley. Born in 1719, he married Sarah Hayne on 11 December 1739. 
They had seven children: Thomas born 1741, Jane born 1742, Edward born 1744, Ann Catharine born 1746, Charles born 1747, James 
 born 1749 and Henry born 1752. The family lived at Holcroft Hall
James Tyldesley died in 1765, and Holcroft Hall was then sold. 
From the Book: Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories published by The Chetham Society
Notes relating to The Will of Thurstan Tyldesley page 97
No date of probate. He married first Percival, daughter of Geoffrey Shakerley 
of Shakerley Esq., by whom he had, besides other children, Alice, wife of Sir Robert 
Worsley of Boothes Knt., and Thomas,who married Jane, daughter and heiress of 
Hugh Birkenhead, marriage settlement dated 26th October 10 Henry VIII. Sir 
Thomas Tildesley (grandson of the above Thomas) of Gray's Inn, Attorney General 
for the County Palatine of Lancaster and one of the learned Council of the North, 
married Anne, daughter and heiress of Thomas Norres of Orford near Warrington. 
He died in 1635, leaving one son, Richard, who survived him four years, and two 
daughters eventually coheiresses by the death of their brother without issue, Elizabeth, 
wife of Edmund Breres of Preston, barrister at law, and Anne, who married 
first Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury Esq., and secondly Adam Mort of Preston.— 
The testator married secondly 
Jane, daughter of Ralph Langton, Baron of Newton, by whom he had three daughters, 
Mary wife of Ralph Standish of Standish, Anne, wife of Richard Massey of Rixton, 
Dorothy, wife of Richard Breerton of Worsley, and one son, Edward, who, marrying 
Anne, daughter and heiress of Thomas Leyland of Morleys Esq., was the founder of a 
family devotedly attached to the ill-fated race of Stuarts. Sir Thomas Tildesley of 
Morleys, Major General to the brave Earl of Derby, was killed in Wigan Lane 25th 
August 1651. 
From the Book: Lancashire and Cheshire Wills and Inventories published by The Chetham Society
IN the name of God Amen The xvjth day of October in the yere of of Lord God 1556 I Anne Tildisley of the pishe of Eccles 
the doughter of the late Thom's Tildisley esquire nowe deceassed 
beynge sicke in boddie and of good and pfett remembraunce do 
make my last will and testamet in man) and fourme followinge ffirst 
I bequethe my soull to Almightie God to or Ladie Saint Marie and 
to all the hollie cumpanye of heaven and my boddie to Christian 
buriall nere unto the place where my father lyethe in Eccles churche 
yard Ifm I do aske forgyvenes of all the world and the creatures 
therin and I do also aske and requyre forgyvenes of all those that I 
have by any meanes trespassed or offended heretofore frelie forgyve- 
ynge all the world and all the creatures therin of all trespasses and 
faultf to me heretofore comitted and done Itm whereas my graund- 
father Thurstan Tildesley esqer late deceassed hathe geven and be- 
quethed as apperethe in one article or clause of his last will and 
testamet unto me xl1' to be levied of his goodf as far as his goodf 
will extend and if his goodf will not extend so farr then he willed 
that the said some of xl1 ' to be levied of his fermes of Mireschoghe 
Saurbie Gawsnarghe Pulton fferna and Fishwickc wthin iiijor yeres 
next after the day of his deathe towards my marriage wth said some 
of xl1' and evy part and pcell therof I do frelie gyve and bequethe 
unto my welbeloved mother Jane Tildisley widdowe and to my 
brother Thurstan Tildisley esqer indiffercntlie to be devyded 
betwene them two Itm I do geve £c. unto my mother Jane Tildisley 
widdowe on cowc and unto my cosin Elizabeth Worthington two 
partlettf the one wrought wth gold and the other wth silke And I 
do also geve &c. unto my two sisters Isabcll Tildisley and M9garet 
Tildisley the rescdue of mync apparell if my said mother thcrunto 
will consent If m I do ordeyne constitute and make my welbeloved 
mother Jane Tildisley widdowe and my brother Thurstan Tildisley 
esquier my true and lawfull executors of this my last will and 
testamet unto whom I geve &c. the resedue of all my goodf unbe- 
quethed And I do require and most hartelic beseche my cosin 
Thurstan Parre to be the supvisor of this my last will and testamet 
as my espiall trust is he will so be Itm I will that my executors shall 
geve to evy on of my bretherne that is to say Hughe Tildisley 
Ric Tildisley to George Tildisley to Thorn's Tildisley to Gilbte 
Tildisley and to James Tildisley and to evy of them xiij8 iiijd a 
pece to be paid by the hands of my executors wthin two yeres next 
after my deceasse if my said executors wilbe pleased so to do In 
the presence of thes psons Jane Tildisley widdowe Thurstan Tildisley 
esqer Hughe Tildisley Alice Worthington Ric Tildisley George 
Tildisley Thomas Eccersall Wittm Rothwell Roger Hodgekinson 
Thom's Sotherne wth others. 
From the Visitation of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale 1664-5
Edward Tyldesley gave the following information on Sep 20, 1664 as to his descendents and family
    Edward Tildesley of Weardly married Ann, dau and heir of William Leyland of Morleys
      They had issue Thomas Tildesley of Morleys who married Elizabeth dau of Christopher Anderton of Lostock
                                      Thurstan Tildesley of Stanacre who married Mary, dau of Robert Charnock of Astley
                                       William Tildesley of Astley married Alice, dau of … Butler of Kirkland
                                       Anne Tildesley who married Mr Walter Rigmaden of Wedacre
                                       Jane Tildesley 
                                       Margaret Tildesley who married James Anderton of Lostock
      Thomas Tildesley and Elizabeth had issue 
                   Edward Tildesley of Morleys ob circa 1618 who married Elizabeth dau of Christopher Preston of Holker esq
                                                                          she married second Thomas Lathom of Parbold esq and third Thomas Westby of Burne esq
                    Dorothy Tildesley who married John Poole of Poole esq
                    Elizabeth Tildesley, lady abbess of Graveling in Flanders
                    Anne Tildesley who married Sir Cuthbert Clifton of Westby
       Edward Tildesley and Elizabeth Preston had issue
                    Sir Thomas Tildesley, slain at Wigan 1651, being major-general to the earl of Derby married Frances, dau of Ralph Standish
                                                                                                                                                                                              of Standish esq
                    Edward Tildesley ob young
      Sir Thomas Tildesley and Frances Standish had issue
                    Edward Tildesley of Morleys esq aged 29 on Sep 20, 1664 who married Anne dau of Sir Thomas Fleetwood of Caldwick, co 
                    Thomas Tildesley aged 22 on Sep 20, 1664
                     Ralphe Tildesley
                     Bridget Tildesley who married Henry Blundell of Ince Blundell esq
                     Elizabeth Tildesley
                     Frances Tildesley married Thomas Stanley of Eccleston
                     Anne Tildesley
                     Dorothy Tildesley
                     Margaret Tildesley ob inf
                     Mary Tildesley
       Edward Tildesley and Anne Fleetwood had issue
                     Thomas Tildesley of Morleys aged 7 on Sep 20, 1664
                      Edward Tildesley
                      Frances Tildesley
From the Visitation of Lancashire by Richard St George 1613, Edmond Breres listed his family 
        Edmond Breres of Brockhall, councillor of lawe married Elyza, dau of Thomas Tyldesley, attorney generall of the County of
                                                                                                                                                                                  Lancaster esq
       They had issue Allexander Breres aged 12 in 1613, other sons Thomas, Edward, Tyldesley and another Thomas died aged 1
                       Also they had daughters Fletewood and Ann